The 10 Best Exercise Bike Under 300 in 2023

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Cycling is great for both the mind and health. Only a half-hour cycling a day can bring a drastic improvement. You end up having a fresh mind and a sound body. No wonder many opt to travel to their workplace on cycles and hand their kids one as transport to school.

Best Exercise Bike Under 300

However, it’s not convenient to start your day cycling under the sun in heavy heat or during the rain and cold. Getting the benefit of regular cycling remains unfulfilled. But what if we suggest a great alternative in the form of Best Exercise Bike Under 300.

Reviews of the Best Exercise Bike Under 300

An exercise bike is a sort of cycle that stays in one place. Basically, stationary. It will have a seat, handles, and pedals, but stabilizer bars with levelers instead of wheels. The only wheels or wheel sort of item it has are the transport wheels and the flywheel.

It’s affordable, and that is an understatement. You don’t need to take the trouble to carry it outside and ride it only on the road or lane. You can perform on it and do some good for your body and mind any time of the day whenever you have time.

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise

We present you with a compact space-saving exercise bike by Exerpeutic. The bike itself is simple, and small-sized, and it folds into half of its original size. Thus, not just it occupies less space in your workout area but also needs a small corner to fold and store.

The bike flaunts an eight-level tension system. That means you can pedal the bike in eight different resistance modes.

The wide, broad, well-cushioned, comfy seat allows users anywhere from 5.3-6.1 feet in height and any body type to sit and comfortably pedal the bike. Not just that, the bike has a 300lbs weight capacity. Considering how compact and simple-looking it is, that’s hard to fathom.

It has a high torque cranking system. Just put your feet on the pedal, lock and secure them with the straps and pedal. From the start to the last minute of your workout session, the pedaling will be smooth and consistent, even at the higher resistance mode.

The handles are well-cushioned. Thus comfortable to hold while pedaling and have pulse sensors on them. So, you can track your heart rate while pedaling the bike. The large LCD screen shows the result, as well as the calories you burned, the distance you covered, the speed you pedaled the bike, and lots more.


  • Space-saving design folds into half
  • Eight levels of resistance
  • Three-piece high torque crank system
  • Large cushioned seat for varied users
  • Static arms with pulse sensors


  • Rubber foot straps are not too high in quality

2. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic makes some really high-quality foldable, space-saving exercise bikes at a very affordable price, and this one we are going to review is another prime example of that. This one is the third Exerpeutic bike that impressed us and made its place here.

You can very much take it as the better, sturdier, and sleeker version of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic bike. If that one was better, this one is the best. This one also folds to half of its original size and has eight levels of magnetic tension.

However, this one has a 400lbs weight capacity and is constructed with 20% more steel. That means it will be highly durable and ensure better performance while managing more weight. The larger pedal with foot straps and a three-piece cranking system ensures your feet stay on the pedal while pedaling the bike in a constant smooth motion.

Even the seat cushion is larger in this one, so even better for all body types to sit comfortably. The seat could be adjusted for 5.1 feet users and also those who are more than that, up to 6.5 feet.

You have the cushioned arm with pulse sensors for a comfortable hold and to keep track of your heart rate. The tension knob is right up on the side of the large LCD screen, which shows precise results of your pulse, burned calories, distance, time, and speed.


  • Foldable, space-saving
  • Precision-balanced flywheel and V-belt drive
  • High torque crank system for smooth pedaling
  • Large seat, pedal, LCD screen, and enables a wider user heights
  • Eight-level of magnetic tension control system


  • Complex assembling

3. XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

XTERRA FB350is convenient in two ways, first for its foldable x-frame, second, for the large seat with the back pad. It is easy to place in a small area, and equally easy to store in a corner.

You will have a smooth feel with each pedal, thanks to its 3.3 lbs precision-balanced flywheel and 3-piece crank. Be sure of a durable machine, quiet workout session, and maintenance-free operation.

Increase the difficulty level of your exercise by increasing the resistance to 8 different levels. At the start, you can continue with easy, slow pedaling and end up challenging yourself with higher resistance. Use the large knob to control the resistance.

You have a comfortable padded seat to sit on and rest your back on the backrest. One pair of handles are right there with the seat, not like the typical bikes. Another pair of grips is right there where bikes have their handles. These handles have pulse sensors on them.

The pedals are textured and have foot straps for secure pedaling. Keep on checking your activity, heart rate, and progress through the easy-to-read 2”x1” LCD window.


  • Foldable, space-saving, x-frame design
  • 3.3 lbs precision-balanced flywheel
  • Eight resistance levels and a 3-piece crank system
  • Large, padded seat with backrest
  • Two pairs of hand grips with pulse sensors in one


  • Difficult seat adjustment

4. Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Desk Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic has upped its game by creating this very distinct ExerWorK 1000 desk exercise bike. You can exercise while working on important projects while watching a tv series on your laptop. Also, do the same while studying.

This one, unlike any other exercise bike, has a seat with a backrest. It has a semi-recumbent design. So, your backrest allows your head and torso to stay at a perfect 45-degree. You can adjust the seat according to your height. It’s ideal for any user height between 5.1 to 6.3 feet.

The desk is 24 inches wide and 16 inches in height, which gives you ample space to put anything and everything on it. Also, it can carry up to 44 lbs of weight. It has a tablet holder and drawer to store the tablet, devices, and other stuff.

The desk is adjustable too and can be repositioned to 0, 16, and 33 degrees angles and 41” to 45” height. It also features an eight-level magnetic tension control system that keeps you at ease and tires you out when you need it.

You have the arms with integrated pulse sensors right beside the seat. Very different from other standard exercise bikes. The foot pedals are regular pedals with foot straps and anti-slip texture.


  • Foldable bike with a semi-recumbent design
  • Large, oversized AirSoft seat with large cushioned backrest
  • Eight levels of tension resistance
  • A 3-piece crank system, thus quiet and smooth
  • Adjustable large desk


  • Bulky

5. L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike

Customize your workout levels with the easy turning of the knob of different resistance levels offered by L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike. It is a sturdy piece flaunting its magnetic resistance and ensuring quiet and smooth performance.

The magnetic resistance works with a total of four powerful magnets. So, even if you are consistently challenging yourself with a high cardio workout, there will be zero fraction, no need to change the brake pad frequently.

Weight capacity of 280lbs and supporting every body type has helped it to grab our attention. The seat could be moved forward, backward, up and down, and the non-slip handlebar could be adjusted too, upwards and downwards. The PU seat is very comfortable to sit on, especially when you are willing to sit on it for longer.

Its arms have integrated pulse sensors on them. Keep track of your heart rate and your speed, distance, time, and burned calories by keeping a close eye on the LCD monitor. Turn the bike to equipment that is made just for you with all these adjustments.

It has a sturdy tablet holder for you to continue watching your favorite program or reading your magazine while exercising.


  • Four powerful magnets for high resistance
  • Multi-grip handlebars with pulse sensors
  • Smooth performance and comfy sitting
  • LCD monitor and a tablet holder
  • Aluminum alloy caged pedals


  • Not as quiet as it should be

6. Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike

A marcy exercise bike is a distinct upright bike that has a fan in place of the flywheel. Quite unusual not to have a flywheel but pretty effective. One can pedal faster and increase the resistance to challenge oneself. If not, give your body leeway and pedal at a moderate speed. The more you pedal at high speed, the higher the fan produces air to cool your body and create a comfortable exercising ambiance.

It is a piece of sturdy exercise equipment made of 14-gauge steel tubing. The whole frame has a powder-coated finish and is scratch-resistant too. No matter how vigorous you are while riding on it, it handles all with aplomb.

You can adjust the seat height from 21-33 inches, depending on your comfort level. It is of no importance what your body type is; this efficiently made seat fits everyone. The bike boasts a weight capacity of 300 lbs. No issue with stability or underwhelming workout results.

Keep your workout speed, time, distance, and calories you burned in check. The easy-to-read LCD computer screen tracks and shows all.

Just like the conform seat, even the pair of dual-action exercise arms play a huge part in maintaining your body posture while vigorous pedaling. Not just that, the grips help target different muscle groups and work on your upper body. They are at a good height and well-padded.

The pedals are not too big nor too small, but perfectly sized for your feet to fit in. They have texture on them to make them anti-slippery, and the foot straps increase the safety quotient during high-speed pedaling a notch up.

The levelers beneath are adjustable. Thus the bike remains stable on all surfaces, even on uneven surfaces. Also, the caps on the levelers don’t scratch the floor. It is easy to move due to the transport wheels.


  • Constructed with sturdy 14-gauge steel tubing
  • Distinct resistance system
  • Fan instead of flywheel works as a cooling agent
  • Adjustable seat and dual-action exercise arms
  • LCD computer screen


  • Makes noise

7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health exercise bike swanks a 30lbs chromed solid flywheel. You can be assured of smooth pedaling at any speed and resistance level. The heavier the flywheel is, the better the rise minus all the jerky and wobbly movements.

The steel frame and heavy-duty crank system make this bike a piece of equipment that you know will last, even if used daily. Its performance is close to what you experience while cycling outdoors.

This sturdy bike handles a user weight of 220 lbs. The seat is pretty generic and supports any body type. Challenge yourself with the bike’s micro-adjustable resistance. There is a knob to change the resistance level with one move.

The felt pad over the flywheel makes it quiet equipment. It also ensures frictionless emergency brakes. Press the resistance knob and the emergency stop brake stops the bike safely.

You can lessen the gap between the seat and the bike arms from 16-23 inches. Also, adjust the seat length depending on your height. It supports an inseam length of 26.5-39.5 inches. Even the multi-grip handlebars are allowed to alter.

The caged strap covers half of your foot, and they are saddled in so that you never slip in the middle of vigorous pedaling.


  • Massive 30lbs chromed solid flywheel
  • Secure foot cage pedals
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Heavy-duty crank system
  • Micro-adjustable resistance with emergency stop brake


  • The Felt pad requires frequent replacement

8. ANCHEER M6008 Indoor Cycling Bike

We have another Ancheer exercise bike for you, and this one is M6008. If not the previous one, try this one and set a new standard in your home fitness. This one has a 35-lb inertia-enhanced precision-balanced flywheel.

It is smooth and quiet thanks to its belt drive mechanism, and wool felt pad. The adjustable resistance system allows you to increase the pedaling difficulty level. So bike pedaling is never going to be too easy on your body neither monotonous for your mind.

Do not doubt its durability because this one has a robust steel frame. Tubular steel construction and a solid crank, to be precise. The solid build tackles a weight capacity up to 380lbs with ease. Feel free to flow with the high intensity and experience the same feeling you would on a road trip.

The seat allows for a to and fro and up and down adjustment. This four-way adjustment of the padded leather seat screams comfort. Even its base and handlebar are adjustable. You can set the equipment on uneven ground due to the adjustable base. Then, the handlebar is long and well-cushioned. Your arms will work hard but stay at ease.

If caged pedals are too congested for your feet, try this simple one-strap non-slip pedal. Your feet remain well secured, and stable, and will not slip as the strap keeps them comfortably tight and in place. Also, the texture on the pedal holds your feet barred where they are, even during intense pedaling.


  • Tubular steel construction and solid crank
  • 35lbs inertia-enhanced precision-balanced flywheel
  • Smooth, quiet, and intense performance
  • Adjustable base, seat, and handlebar
  • Compatible with the Qiber App


  • Flimsy digital monitor

9. Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

Schwinn 130 Upright Bike’s motto is to bring better health to your life. And it has everything to help you follow that motto. Schwinn exercise bike flaunts a high level of resistance and workout programs.

Its console to control the bike and track your fitness is second to none. The high-speed, high-inertia drive system ensures a smooth, effective, and quiet cardio workout.

Its 20 levels of resistance allow you to work out at a very high difficulty level when you are really adamant about testing your physical fitness. Shuffle up your workout routine by following 22 different fitness programs it has in it, that too preset.

You can continue reading a few pages of your unfinished book, or put glance on the news, or simply listen to your favorite tracks by placing a tablet on its tablet holder. If needed, charge it. You have the USB port for doing that.

The angled handlebars have a way to put your arms on them while pedaling. They have pulse sensors built into them. Pedal and track your heart rate. The result is shown on the display of the console.

Adjust the padded contoured seat according to your height. And if not comfy with it, just replace it with any clamp and rail bicycle seat. Keep yourself cool by touching the fan button on the console, and the oversized water bottle holder is right there within reach. Grab the bottle and keep yourself hydrated in between following the fitness goal.


  • High-speed, high inertia drive system
  • 20 resistant levels
  • 22 fitness programs
  • Fully loaded, advanced console
  • DualTrack LCD screen


  • Time-consuming seat adjustment

10. ANCHEER B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike

If any exercise bike can be called equipment way worth than what you have paid for, this is the one. ANCHEER B3008 is the most incredible addition to your home gym. An exercise bike with a 300lbs weight capacity ensures a comfy workout for a range of physiques, from 4’9” to 6’2” user height.

Its surface is constructed through a unique advanced car-grade paint process. The coating and electroplating make it wear-resisting, rust-resisting, and corrosion-resisting. It is an exercise bike that will last for a long time, indeed.

The heavy-duty 49lbs inertia-enhanced flywheel it features calls for an intense resistance but quiet performance. Quiet because it has a very efficient belt-drive mechanism. And smooth and stable because of the heavy-duty flywheel and steel frame.

Increase or decrease the tension and difficulty level by increasing the speed of the flywheel. Use the easy-to-dial to make the change in difficulty and press the tension knob to stop. Stop it the moment you need to as it allows quick-stop braking.

The pedals are very distinct, very different from the previous exercise bike, and similar to no other. They are aluminum alloy anti-skid foot pedals. Moreover, instead of a single strap to secure your foot to the pedal, this one features caged pedals. Your foot, almost half of it, is confined, thus well-secured while pedaling at high speed.

You have an adjustable seat that can be moved to and fro and up and down. Change its position according to your height and comfort. Even the handlebars move up and down. Both the seat and handlebars are well cushioned.


  • Sturdy steel built, rust, corrosion, and wear-resistant
  • 49lbs inertia-enhanced flywheel with belt-drive mechanism
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Different resistance levels with quick-stop braking
  • Aluminum alloy anti-skid foot-caged pedals


  • Needed a better monitor

Buying Guide Exercise Bike Under 300

We think the Best Exercise Bike Under 300 needs to have a few specific features. Otherwise, purchasing one is better avoided.

Sturdy Built And Stable Performance

You will sit on this bike. That suggests it will carry your full weight. You have no other choice other than to invest in a sturdy exercise bike. Also, a robust bike will ensure a longer lifespan. The more sturdy it is, the more strenuous you can be while pedaling it. No amount of vigorous pedaling must let the exercise bike wobble or make it unstable and inconsistent.

So, make sure to buy an exercise bike with a steel frame and adjustable levelers. Keep the weight capacity range from 350 to 400. Higher or lower will do, but exercise bikes with a weight capacity within this range will be the best.

Different Resistance Level

A few levels of resistance level will make your workout session versatile. So, do not randomly buy an exercise bike without tension or resistance. Expecting a double-digit resistance level in such a limited budget will be too much, but you can expect at least eight. Because the ones we chose, most of them comfortably managed to have that many levels.

Adjustable Wide Seat

Buying an exercise bike for your home only for you will be unusual. If you are buying it all in your family will use it. Every person, from kids to adults, will have different heights. So it is a must for you to buy an exercise bike that allows you to adjust the seat. Also, a wide, cushioned seat will ensure optimum comfort.

So, make sure your exercise bike has it. It must be moved forward and backward, too, if possible. The bikes we reviewed covers a wide range of user height, starting from 5 inches to as tall as 6.5 inches. There are one or two that are for below 5 feet users as well. So, check the info we shared and make sure you are buying an exercise bike for all in your family to use.

Smooth, Consistent Pedaling

For an effective workout on an exercise bike, you need smooth and consistent pedaling. No matter what the speed is. Even if you are pedaling at a higher resistance level, the pedaling must be consistent and smooth. And that is ensured by a piece of well-built, sturdy equipment with a heavy flywheel. Some have magnetic tension; some have felt pads for that. The mechanism to smooth pedaling might be different, but what remains a must is the bike letting you pedal it continuously for hours.


Nobody likes equipment that makes noise. A slight humming noise is still fine and ignorable, but cranky loud noise is a big no. An exercise bike has to have some extraordinary features for users to ignore that loud noise. To make sure you are buying a quiet exercise bike, make sure to check the crank system. If it’s a high torque 3-piece crank system, then be sure the pedaling will be super quiet and smooth.

Cushioned Handlebar

While riding the exercise bike, you will have to hold the handlebars consistently. So, your arm needs comfort. A padded handlebar is a must in an exercise bike. And adding a pair of pulse rate sensors is just the icing on the cake. We do not expect it from an exercise bike within budget, but we prioritize the brands that add this feature.

Final Words

So, you are getting all the benefits of cycling by staying at home. Low-impact exercise, toning muscles, weight loss, increasing joint mobility and body flexibility, reducing stress, increasing the brain functioning power, all these by riding a stationary bike that cost no more than 300. A great deal will be an understatement.

Most importantly, you do not even need to look for one. You have our detailed discussion on the Best Exercise Bike Under 300. Not just one, we have presented you with ten great options to choose from and decide. Remember to live a healthy life even in your old age; there is no alternative to exercising. Joint pain, busy schedule, exercising tools, not being within budget; all these have no place when you have one of the above exercise bikes.

You can workout at home, no need to go outside or join a gym. These are not at all pricey and are known for low-impact exercise. So, stop procrastinating, creating excuses, and jump on the workout bandwagon pronto. Stay healthy and motivate all the near and dear ones of yours to join you.

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