The 10 Best Rowing Machine Under 200 in 2021

Is Rowing Machine Good for Abs?A rowing machine is the low-impact workout equipment that simulates the motion of rowing a boat. From your arms, back, chest, and shoulders to your quads, calves, and every muscle group, the machine burns calories and tones the muscles of your entire body.

Our motive here is to stay on a limited budget and make it easy for you to get one without thinking much about the price. So, here we are with a long list. A list we made compiling the best rowing machine under 200, ten of them.

Because we truly believe everyone who has joint issues needs an exercise tool that works on the entire body but leaves low to no impact on it. Daily exercise is no more a thing only for fitness freaks. Working on your abs is never useless, even if you put yourself in the layperson category.

Reviews of the Best Rowing Machine under 200

To stay fit and healthy, everyone from a kid to an older person needs to stay active. Kids, teenagers, anyways are always on the run, but those who are fond of comfort, lazing around, stuck in a busy schedule, or having issues with joints need a rowing machine pronto. These are not even pricey, so what more one needs to initiate getting a healthy, fit body.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride Trainer

Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride Trainer


We were talking about Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machines and the way the brand tries to cater to all types of workout enthusiasts. That is why we were not surprised looking at this rowing machine that looks like a stationary cycle.

Unlike all the other rowing machines, this one lets you squat by rowing the machine vertically. Row N Ride, standing on the rowing machine, gliding the slide rail up and down.

You are not just squatting. You can do it differently because this rowing machine allows you to adjust the saddle angle to three different inclinations. Add depth and difficulty and bring variety to your squat move by angling the saddle to either 30 and 60 degrees or a full 90 degrees.

Its resistance system is different too. Instead of a hydraulic cylinder, this one features three elastic bands. You can customize your workout sessions by adding or deducting the resistance. Each band will add 22lbs resistance to your rowing machine. So, either work out with 60 plus resistance or keep it low and easy by adding just one band.

Its handlebars’ length is customizable and has an ergonomic design. Ergonomic in the sense that you can hold it in multiple positions. The comfy padding is all over the handlebars. Then, you can align the handlebars according to your height. Your arms, back, chest, and shoulders will workout in full resistance but will remain at ease throughout.

What We Like:

  • Row and ride, do proper squats and try a full-body workout
  • Three elastic bands for resistance system
  • Allows angling the saddle to 30, 60, and 90 degrees
  • Digital monitor and self-leveling pedals
  • Adjustable handlebars with multiposition grip

What We Don’t Like:

  • No foot strap

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine


Sunny Health and Fitness is a brand that makes some of the best affordable rowing machines. You will very much notice it by the brand’s total domination in our discussion. So, the first one is its SF-RW1205 rowing machine made of heavy-duty commercial-grade steel.

The robust steel frame holds all the weight and tackles vigorous working sessions at high resistance levels with ease.

This rowing machine is for low-impact aerobic exercise but ensures a full-body workout. It focuses and works on multiple muscle groups like arms, back, abs, glutes, and legs at the same time. When you are rowing on it, your full body and all muscles face the workout heat without impacting the joints.

It has an angled slide rail, angled than regular rowing machines. That increases the challenge of rowing a bit. The non-slip, fully cushioned handlebars and the textured non-slip foot pedals with straps keep you stable on the angled base. Unlike the previous two, this one has arms at the front.

The machine has twelve hydraulic cylinder resistance levels. In every level, from low to the highest intensity, you can slide the seat easily, putting all your might.

Tracking your workout and fitness progress becomes convenient with this rowing machine’s easy-to-read and informative digital monitor.

What We Like:

  • Heavy-duty commercial grade steel frame
  • Twelve hydraulic cylinder resistance levels
  • Extra padded and cushioned wide seat
  • Large pivot footplates with non-slip footprints
  • Non-slip, padded handlebars, and a multi-function monitor

What We Don’t Like:

  • Heats up after 15 minutes

3. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine


Improve your stamina, strength, and tone your muscles at home with the Stamina Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine. It is a rowing machine with a steel frame, sturdy, and an investment for your full-body workout.

It is a compact machine when you are rowing on it. However, the way it folds and rolls up, storing it takes nominal space.

You can continuously move the arms and continue the rowing strokes due to the very smooth hydraulic cylinder resistance levels. It is adjustable too, so when your whole body is fully comfortable with the low resistance level, you can manually increase the difficulty level and challenge yourself with a higher intensity. Intensity and difficulty level will be hard to face, not the setting because you have an easy-to-turn and set knob for that.

It features a comfortable molded seat with an ergonomic design for exercising in all lengths. The seat is small for none and suits all body types. Sitting on it and keeping the feet on the textured footplates lets you stay at ease. Your feet are not slipping anytime, even while pivoting, thanks to the texture on it. Also, the perfectly fitting adjustable nylon straps play a part.

The arms have soft pads on them for a comfortable hold and can be folded for making it space-saving equipment. You have the LCD monitor for displaying workout time, stroke count, total strokes, and all the calories you have successfully burned by rowing.

What We Like:

  • Space-saving design and a sturdy steel frame
  • Molded seat, padded arms
  • Textured footplates with adjustable nylon straps
  • Display features scan mode and total stroke accumulation
  • Adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not a quiet machine

4. Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine


Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine is a compact, easy-to-store workout equipment with a steel frame and 250lbs weight capacity. It is a robust piece of workout item that is going to last for years.

You have a comfortable molded seat that slides to and fro with ease. Ensure a full-body workout, including your arms, chest, and shoulders, as the full motion rowing armbars with easy and comfy rubber grip focus on those areas.

Lock and secure your feet with the 2-position safety straps. No matter what your feet size is, small or large, the oversized footplates and straps make sure your feet are in a stable position.

The hydraulic resistance knob is right beneath where the seat glides forward and backward. Increase the difficulty level by setting the resistance at a higher level once you are comfortable with the low resistance rowing. The manual setting makes the machine versatile.

Its LCD monitor shows the calories burned, how many strokes you have attempted, and how long you are rowing the workout equipment. Then you have the total stroke count as well.

Use the scan mode to continuously keep on checking all the functions of the monitor one by one. For that, it holds each function for six seconds before scrolling through the next one. The monitor displays your progress and works as a driving force.

What We Like:

  • Effectively works on every muscle group
  • Sturdy steel frame with pivoting footplates
  • Full motion rowing arms with comfy rubber grips
  • Manually adjustable hydraulic resistance
  • An LCD monitor with scan mode

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not comfortable for people over 6 feet

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Rowing Machine


The best part of the Sunny Health and Fitness brand is that it knows its customers well. So, the ones who pretty much chucked the previous one due to the handlebars and resistance in the front have this one with standard full motion arms and resistance knob beneath the slide rail.

It is not as angled as the earlier one too. So, the brand is giving you options to decide, depending on your comfort.

This one, like the previous one, also features a hydraulic cylinder with twelve adjustable resistance levels. The hydraulic fluid in the piston compels you to use all your might to rower the machine. It ensures a full-body workout, including the arms, chest, and shoulders.

The arms are well padded and can be moved just like you propel the paddle to ride a boat. You are keeping your feet on large foot pedals that have anti-slip textures and foot straps on them to keep the momentum and stability while rowing.

You have to continuously move the seat back and forth, challenging the high resistance levels. So the seat must ensure optimum comfort. This one has the extra padded, well-cushioned broad seat for all body types to sit on safely and workout. It handles up to 350lbs in weight.

What We Like:

  • For full-body workout including shoulders and arms
  • Hydraulic cylinder with twelve resistance
  • Arms with sweat-resistant grips on both the sides
  • Pivoting textured footplates with secure straps
  • LCD monitor displays accurate results

What We Don’t Like:

  • Squeaky arms

6. Xterra Fitness Erg200 Magnetic Resistance Rower

Xterra Fitness Erg200 Magnetic Resistance Rower


This one is a rowing machine with a 9lbs flywheel and magnetic resistance power. So, quite naturally, it will be smooth, quiet, and will need no maintenance to operate.

Its magnetic resistance has eight levels. You have the knob to increase the resistance and decrease when you want. The process is the same, but the difference between a magnetic resistance and hydraulic cylinder resistance is that the former system is frictionless. Thus smoother and quieter.

This one has a comfy oversized padded seat. So no matter how long you are working out, your glutes will not be in pain. Neither will there be any problem in proper blood flow. The dual extruded aluminum seat slide rails on the sturdy steel frame allow perfect rowing motion.

You have a large 3.7 inch LCD monitor that displays time, stroke counts, total stroke counts, burned calories, and works in scan mode as well. It could be adjusted and angled according to your reading comfort.

The handlebar is distinct. It has a resistance band to pull. The padded grip is comfy to hold. The footplates with oversized velcro straps are perfect for users of all sizes. They pivot.

What We Like:

  • Smooth, frictionless, quiet operation
  • High RPM 9lbs flywheel
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Adjustable 3.7 inch LCD monitor
  • Oversized seat and padded handlebars

What We Don’t Like:

  • Bulky

7. Stamina 35-0123 Inmotion Rowing Machine

Stamina 35-0123 Inmotion Rowing Machine


This one is a quintessential rowing machine with all the basic but essential features you expect from the best rowing machine under 200. It has a solid, durable steel construction with a weight capacity of 250lbs. Without any hesitation, you can continue your full-body workout on this rowing machine regularly for a long time.

It is designed and constructed in such a way that it takes a small corner to store. When you are done working out, just stand the machine on its end and leave it in the corner or inside the closet. Not that it takes too much space while laying flat on the ground. Even when it is not stored, it is pretty compact. So it could be a great addition to your gym area.

Lift the piston upwards and tighten the knob to increase the intensity of your workout. You have five resistance levels to customize your workout sessions. Set the scan mode on and check out the time, strokes per minute, and the calories you burned continuously on the multi-function monitor.

The handlebar is similar to the handle that a skate scooter has. The arms have comfortable padding for a long, snug grip. The footplates are large enough to fit feet of all sizes and shapes. To keep them secure, you have the straps, and the footplates are textured, thus anti-slip too.

It has a distinct-looking stitched seat. The wide seat glides real smooth with each push, and your glutes or thighs are not aching even after prolonged sitting sessions. All in all, it is a padded, comfortable, and upholstered seat.

What We Like:

  • Sturdy steel built
  • Five resistance
  • Comfy stitched seat
  • Padded grip and pivoting footplates
  • Easy to store, stand on end

What We Don’t Like:

  • Needed more resistance levels

8. Sunny Health & Fitness Incline Full Motion Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Incline Full Motion Rowing Machine


Work on your full body, including your back and arms, while engaging your core with Sunny Health & Fitness incline rowing machine. This one is very different from any other rowing machine we talked about thus far.

It is an incline rowing machine. That means when you row, its slide rail inclines, and it inclines up to 30 degrees. You are pushing your legs against gravity with each push on the rail and pull of the arms. Thus, your full body is facing the challenge. It offers five incline levels to make things easy or difficult for you.

When you are pulling the handlebars, your back, arms, shoulders, chest, and abs are at work. Then you are pushing the padded seat and, eventually, the slide rail. As it descends, your quadriceps and calves feel the burning sensation.

Not just that, the oversized, textured footplates with straps pivot too. So, from top to toe, your every muscle and joint are in full workout mode.

Check out how effective your workout has proven to be with the easy-to-read digital console. The long handles with paddings keep your palms and hands at ease no matter how vigorously you are pulling them to cover the full range motion.

What We Like:

  • Effective on full-body, especially, back, arms, abs, quads, and calves
  • Five levels of incline, up to 30 degrees
  • Handlebars with full motion capability
  • Digital console
  • Padded seat and anti-slip large pivoting footplates

What We Don’t Like:

  • Anti-slip levelers do not work well

9. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine


Enjoy a full-body workout with the SF-RW1410 rowing machine by Sunny Health & Fitness. This one has a weight capacity of 220lbs, owing to its sturdy, solid steel frame. The black on the ash frame makes it look ultra sleek.

It flaunts 12 levels of adjustable resistance in its hydraulic cylinder resistance system, and you can increase or decrease the resistance by turning the knob beneath.

This rowing machine also has full-motion arms. Full motion arms allow you to perfectly mimic the rowing motion and targets different muscles on your upper body. You are allowed for full range movement due to the long handles on both sides. These are non-slip handlebars. Thus you can hold them for an extended period and workout vigorously.

The large footplates have foot straps to secure your feet. The straps are adjustable, and the plates pivot whenever you are gliding forward to backward. The rowing machines compel even your feet to work out and increase their strength.

This rowing machine has a wide padded seat. The cushion inside and the upholstery outside ensures proper blood flow in your glutes during prolonged workout sessions.

What We Like:

  • Sleek look, has a solid steel frame
  • 12 levels of resistance
  • Non-slip handlebars
  • Large footplates with adjustable foot straps
  • Well-cushioned seat and easy-to-read digital monitor

What We Don’t Like:

  • Flimsy plastic monitor

10. Harvil Magnetic Rowing Machine

Harvil Magnetic Rowing Machine


Harvil magnetic rower is pretty much the same as the previous one. However, look-wise, it is very distinct and colorful. It is a durable rowing machine with a sturdy aluminum beam, 264 weight capacity, and a powerful, quiet flywheel.

Its aluminum frame and rail, along with the magnetic resistance of the flywheel, make it a smooth and quiet rowing machine. You have eight resistance levels to workout with, and the tension knob is right at your front for easy tension setting.

The seat is everything in a rowing machine. It has to be comfortable to sit on. The mechanism of its gliding must be smooth so that you can continue rowing it on the slide rail. Its U-shaped seat is wide and has a polyurethane leather exterior. It fits a wide range of user sizes pretty perfectly and glides real smooth.

Like any other rowing machine, this one also has an easy-to-read, multi-function LCD monitor with a backlight for keeping a close eye on the exerciser’s progress.

It also features non-slip handlebars with a resistance band, footplates with adjustable Velcro foot straps, and even front stabilizers with built-in wheels for easy transportation.

What We Like:

  • Quiet and powerful flywheel
  • Eight levels of resistance
  • LCD monitor with backlight illumination
  • Secure footplates with foot straps pivot
  • Padded handlebar with a tear-resistant, flexible nylon band

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not a padded seat

Buying Guide Rowing Machine Under 200

Here we have a simple, basic but essential buying guide for you to purchase an affordable rowing machine.


It’s a thumb rule for an exercise machine to be robust. There are no two ways about it. You are putting your entire body weight on the rowing machine and trying a vigorous workout. Only a sturdy machine will handle the pressure you are going to put on the rowing machine. Steel or metal frame and robust nut bolts will tackle the vigorous use better.

Resistance Level

Resistance makes your workout challenging. The more resistance level a rowing machine offers, the better chances are for you to customize your workout sessions and make each session much more versatile depending on your growing endurance and strength. For instance, if a rowing machine offers 12 resistance levels, you can use it to sweat your body even after years of regular workout on the same tool when you are not a beginner anymore.

Full Motion Handlebars

A rowing machine is all about a full-body workout. Both the upper body and lower body; means the chest, back, quads, calves, and every part of the body. It works on every part of the body. That includes the arms too. For proper arm workout and stable rowing, the full range motion of the handlebars is crucial.

Comfortable Seat

The seat must be well padded and cushioned and properly placed so that it glides smoothly and effortlessly on the slide rail. A comfy seat ensures your glutes or hip are not in discomfort during long, vigorous workouts, and it also takes care of proper blood flow.

Smooth Gliding

The smooth gliding of the seat doesn’t come only from the seat. The seat rail must be made in a certain way too for the seat to glide back and forth with an easy push. In a rowing machine, continuous motion helps to ensure a full-body workout. Even a moment of stoppage will quash all the effort.

Pivoting Footplates

Footplates are as important as all the other components we discussed thus far. They must be anti-slip, textured, large, have straps for a secure fit, and most importantly, they must pivot. Your feet must workout as well, right?

Rowing Machine Under 200 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will a Rowing Machine Under $200 Really Work?

If you want, you can spend $2000 on a rowing machine. Compared to that, $200 is, of course, a limited budget. However, that budget is enough to get a high-quality rowing machine with essential features and few resistance levels. We, searching and finding ten of them, definitely show a rowing machine under $200 can be worth your expenditure. And we assure you that they work.

Which Brand Makes the Best Rowing Machine Under $200?

Many brands make high-quality rowing machines with a limited budget. But when it comes to producing high-quality rowing machines under $200, Sunny Health and Fitness makes the best. Most importantly, they make a variety of them for catering to vast users.

What Type of Rowing Machine is the Best?

There are four types of rowing machines. The resistance, the machine features mainly decide the type. First, you have magnetic resistance. Then you have air and water resistance, and the most common, hydraulic cylinder resistance system. Among the four, a rowing machine with magnetic resistance is the best.

However, it’s tough to get a good rowing machine with magnetic resistance under $200. As you have noticed, we have found just two. Hence, if your budget is under $200, it is best to try a rowing machine with hydraulic piston/cylinder resistance.

Which Rowing Machine Makes the Least Noise?

If you want a silent rowing machine, you must opt for one that has magnetic resistance. It is the quietest of all. It is not like hydraulic resistance makes squeaky noises, but some do squeak even if it goes almost unheard.

Is Losing Weight Possible With a Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine works on your entire body. 86% of your body muscles are at work when you are mimicking a rowing motion. So, it is natural for you to lose weight. However, do not expect to lose drastic weight by only working out on a rowing machine. You must do other exercises and plan a healthy diet for significant weight loss.

Final Words

With age, people tend to be less active and get fonder of ease. They sit, relax, and do the best in moving any body parts as less as possible. Secondly, one can have joint pain at a very early stage of life. The result is all the more, less movement of the body.

However, it is mandatory to make the entire body do some activity. Hence, the necessity of a full-body workout. And for a full-body workout with a low impact, we recommend the best rowing machine under 200 above. Any of the ten will do. We understand that not all can hop onto an intense exercising machine for a full-body workout and end up injuring themselves and causing pain.

Neither everyone has a high budget to spend on an expensive rowing machine. Hopefully, our attempt will prove to be a great help for you to understand what you need.

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