The 10 Best Treadmill Under 2000 in 2023

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Running is the purest form of having an active body. When you run, every body part, muscle groups, joints move and shake vigorously. The whole body is sweating and feeling the impact. Impact of the ups and downs of the path you are running on. You are not skipping the uneven surface too.

Best Treadmill Under 2000

A treadmill does the same for you. But the only difference is you can do it at home, without burning under the sun, and putting minimal impact on your already affected joints. Today we are going to talk about the best treadmill under 2000. Basically, a treadmill that most people can afford. Not high-end but not at all lower-end.

Reviews of the Best Treadmill Under 2000

Such a treadmill has all the essential features one needs in a treadmill. Including a powerful motor that lets you speed up in a short time and doesn’t heat up with a mere 10 minutes of high-speed running.

We were comparing outdoor running with running on a treadmill. You want to have a safe, comfortable running session. You want to save yourself from injuries and protect your joints, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then we highly recommend you to have a glance at what we have to serve.

1. NordicTrack 1750 Commercial Treadmill

NordicTrack 1750 is powered by and compatible with the very trendy iFit. You can interact with world-class trainers, that too live through it. It has a large 10-inch interactive HD touchscreen for you to follow your trainer and get the motivation to run. The touchscreen, along with the whole console, is very high-quality.

These elite trainers throw you the challenges by suggesting to you different workouts every single day. They can auto-adjust the speed of the treadmill and also set the incline and decline for you.

The treadmill features a one-touch incline control through which you can decline your treadmill to -3 and incline it up to 15%.

It operates with a SMART-Response motor, and for smooth, comfy running, it features a 22”x60” tread belt with Runners Flex cushioning. You are provided with enough leg and elbow space.

Even the speed is one-touch too, and auto sets just like the incline through the iFit. You can run at a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour on this treadmill. It has a space-saving design and folds up easily when you are done working out.

The two fans keep you cool during the extensive run, and the built-in pulse sensors on the handrail ensure easy checking of your heart rate. It has a pretty long storage tray as well.


  • SMART-Response motor
  • Powered by iFit, run under elite trainers
  • -3 to 15% decline and incline
  • Speed up to 12 mph
  • Quality console with 10-inch interactive HD touchscreen


  • Finger touch doesn’t work that well
  • Suddenly ceases

2. NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

Searching for a wide display, unlike anything that we reviewed thus far, then your search ends with NordicTrack T Series Treadmill that features a 14” HD Interactive Touchscreen Display.

The treadmill features a SMART-Response 3.6 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor for effective but low-impact running. Add the FlexSelect tread cushioning, and your joints are safe, more than what you could expect.

Take the membership of the iFit app, and join the fun. If the trainer through the app wants, the treadmill will auto-set the incline and speed upon his recommendation. That brings us to its incline and speed range. Both the percentage and mph are 0-12.

It boasts of a space-saving design yet has a spacious 20”x60” tread belt. The deck and running belt, along with a sturdy frame, make it the perfect treadmill for users up to 300 weight capacity.

When you want to check your pulse, hold the grips with the pulse sensors on them, and get the result at once.


  • 6 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor
  • FlexSelect tread cushioning
  • 14” HD Interactive Touchscreen Display
  • Powered by iFit
  • 0-12% incline and 0-12 mph speed


  • Needed a better controlling function

3. Nautilus Treadmill Series

Look-wise and feature-wise, this one is pretty similar to the Schwinn 870 we previously reviewed. It has a dual display with blue back-lit and enables popular app-based tracking tools like MyFitnessPal through BlueTooth connectivity and sync seamlessly with it.

The Rebound deck cushioning system absorbs the impact well and maximizes kickoff. Then you have the powerful 3.5 CHP motor for smooth running at high speed and different inclines. The optimum figure for those will be a maximum of 12 mph and 15%, respectively.

It has a 3-ply, 2.5mm thick, 20”x60” running belt and sturdy 6.89 centimeter crowned rollers. So, you can run with all your might, and it is not going to budge.

The treadmill features pulse sensors on the handgrips, a wireless chest strap, a console with premium speakers, a 3-speed fan, control buttons, and 26 unique training programs.

It measures your endurance capacity and scores you at the end of your running session. The scoring works as a motivation for you to do well.


  • 5 CHP motor
  • 15% incline and 12 mph speed
  • 3-ply thick and spacious belt
  • 26 unique workout programs
  • Scores your endurance capacity


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Has cheap plastic components

4. 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill

If you thought the previous treadmill by 3G cardio was not fulfilling your expectation by folding on its end, then check this one out. 80i not only folds just like the previous one but also folds flat so that you can easily store it under a bed.

It operates with a heavy-duty 3.0 HP motor. So you can use the 0 to 15% incline and 0.5 to 11 mph speed to their full potential. The treadmill will tackle a weight capacity up to 325lbs at high speed and incline with ease.

The treadmill has a 60 inches deck and 18.5×58 inches running belt. That in itself is a spacious space for even the most well-built person to run on. It is durable enough to tackle even the strongest of runners.

You get eight preset workout programs and four custom programs to follow and exercise differently regularly.

Its quality console allows you to maneuver all the functions to control the treadmill easily. Also, it has built-in speakers and audio input for you to entertain yourself while running vigorously.


  • Ingenious design and sturdy built
  • Dual folding technology folds up and flat too
  • Heavy-duty DC 3.0 HP Continuous motor
  • Maximum 15% incline and 11 mph speed
  • Quality console with speakers and audio input


  • Bouncy

5. 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

This treadmill is by 3G cardio and has a sturdy built and a pretty powerfulDC 3.0 HP continuous duty high torque motor. The combo of the robust frame and potent motor lets it handle weight capacity up to 350lbs.

You are running on a 74” Lx35” W space with a soft 20.5”x58” Orthopedic belt. The rollers are sturdy and large, about 2”, and ensures a smooth rolling of the belt.

It has a space-saving design. When you have assembled it and kept it at a specific spot, you can just push the lever with your feet and bend to lift the frame you run on. And you are done storing it as it folds up.

But the best part is when you are again going to run on the treadmill the next day, you don’t even need to bend to fold it down because just by a push, the frame automatically but slowly starts descending on the floor.

With just one touch on the quality console, you can control its speed and incline levels. The treadmill has a speed range of 0.5-12 miles per hour. Moreover, you have handgrips with pulse sensors and an optional wireless HR chest belt.

It offers workout programs for everyone with its eight built-in programs. And it also has options for customizing your workout sessions as it features two custom programs as well.


  • Eight built-in and two custom programs
  • DC 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor
  • Speeds-up up to 12 miles per hour
  • Large running space and soft Orthopedic belt
  • Folds up easily, space-saving design


  • Squeaky
  • Wobbly at high speed

6. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

Sole F80 is a sturdy, foldable treadmill with a 3.5 CHP, DC type motor. It puts minimum pressure on your joints even if you are running on it at the maximum speed it provides. Thanks to its patented Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, your joints face 40% less impact.

The 35 by 80 inches deck has a 2-ply, 22 by 60 inches running belt.  The rollers are  2.75”, more than the standard size. It has a weight capacity of 375lbs.

You can run on it at a maximum speed of 12 mph and slow it down at 0.5 mph when you want just to take it easy.

Same with the incline. It features a rack-and-pinion gear design incline. That means you will have smooth steering while the treadmill is in its high incline position, which goes up to 15%. The ascent starts at zero, by the way.

The console has all the buttons well-placed on it. It also features a 7.5-inch LCD workout display and an MP3-compatible sound system. To check the heart rate, it has grips with pulse sensors and a chest strap.

You can set your treadmill with different workout programs. Among those, six are standard plans, and the custom and heart have two programs each.


  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck for less impact on the joint
  • Sturdy frame and 3.5 CHP, DC type motor
  • 5-12 mph speed with a two-ply running belt
  • Rack-and-pinion gear design incline, 0-15% range
  • 6 standard, 2 custom, and 2 heart programs


  • Fan, not powerful enough to cool one down
  • Heavy

7. Bowflex Results Treadmill Series

Bowflex is a corded electric treadmill made of high-quality, sturdy metal. It provides a 20”x60” running surface and functions with a  powerful 3.5 CHP motor.

The sturdy frame has a weight capacity of 400lbs. You can run on it at a maximum of 12 mph speed, yet it will not face the heat.

Also, you could incline the treadmill up to 15%. So, even when you will be pretty comfortable running on this machine after months, even years, this will maintain the difficulty level for you.

For choosing the speed and incline, you have buttons on the console and near the handrail as well. The railing also has pulse sensors.

It features a 7.5” full color, back-lit LCD screen. It shows pretty much everything you need to know. The screen also features 9 ‘push and go’ intuitive workout programs. These programs are very easy to use and follow and prove to be very helpful for your progress.

Connect your treadmill with Bowflex JRNY through the Bluetooth function of any device. If you have the membership, you can run on the treadmill and workout under coaches.

The app will auto-set the treadmill by keeping track of your course, and that setting will be suggested by real-time trainers seeing your progress. It is compatible with other fitness apps, as well. So, use it the way you want.


  • Sturdy metal built with a powerful 3.5 CHP motor
  • Foldable treadmill; features a 20”x60” running belt
  • 15% incline and maximum 12mph speed
  • 5” LCD screen with nine easy workout programs
  • Compatible with Bowflex JRNY


  • Creaks if weight exceeds 200lbs

8. Schwinn 870 Treadmill

This one is the quintessential treadmill, the best treadmill under 2000 by Schwinn. The brand says it all about its quality. It features the SoftDrop folding system that makes folding and storing it easy and convenient for your body.

The 300lbs weight capacity is decent, but that is compensated by the 26 programs and four user profiles it offers. You have a wide variety of programs to shuffle up your daily workouts.

Like any highly featured treadmill, this one also provides 0 to 12 mph speed and 0 to 15% incline. The 20 inches deck has a 20×60-inch running belt. Pretty spacious for running at high speed comfortably.

The Blue Back-lit Dual Track LCD shows 13 workout details. So you pretty much know everything about your progress and body condition. Not just that, the display through the pulse sensors on the handgrips tells you about your heart condition too.

You have a charging USB port for charging your phone or tablet. Keep it on the tablet holder, and enjoy your favorite song. Acoustic chambered speakers on it will make the song sound an absolute bomb.

Connect the treadmill to Schwinn fitness or my fitness pal because it is compatible with both and enjoy all the features provided by both apps.


  • SoftDrop folding system
  • 0-12 mph speed and 0-15% incline
  • Two LCD windows display
  • 26 programs and four user profiles
  • Features an acoustic chambered speakers, USM port, and pulse sensors


  • Frail handgrips
  • Needed a better quality console

9. ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill is a piece of powerful workout equipment that runs real smooth with a 4.25 CHP Mach Z commercial plus motor. No matter how vigorously you are running on it, the treadmill doesn’t heat up and stays cool.

It has a space-saving design as it easily folds up. Its sturdy frame, 22’’x60’’ non-stretch tread belt, and the 2.5” precision-balanced rollers, handle weight capacity up to 300lbs.

The treadmill is compatible with iFit. That means you are training under renowned fitness trainers and interacting with them through the screen.

We loved its large 10-inch full-color touchscreen. All the beautiful places these trainers are running around, you see those in their true essence on the luxury display. You can easily control the equipment by just touching the screen. It shows you your heart rate when you grab the built-in pulse sensors on the handgrips.

The trainers can auto-set the incline and speed of this treadmill through iFit. And for them to do that, the treadmill provides 3 declines and 15 inclines. Also, speed up to 12 mph. So, the treadmill itself offers you challenging options.

And when the trainer gets the option to auto-set, you know you will progress in your fitness goal and weight loss way sooner. Feel all the ups, downs of uneven rocky surfaces running on PRO-9000.


  • Space-saving design; folds easily
  • 25 CHP Commercial Plus motor
  • -3 to 15% incline and maximum speed 12 mph
  • 10-inch full-color touchscreen
  • iFit enabled


  • Software issues
  • Complex set-up

10. FreeMotion Home Exercise Treadmill

FreeMotion Treadmill operates with a 4.25 CHP Commercial Pro Motor. The SRS Surface Response Cushioning safeguards your joints during vigorous running.

It’s a spacious 22”x60” two-ply commercial-grade running belt, 3” Precision Machined and Balanced Non-Flex Rear Roller, and their smooth rolling ensure comfortable running. Even at high speed and sharp incline.

Its incline percentage ranges from -3 to 15%, and the speed range is 0-12 mph. All are allowed for 1-step control. So just like the trainers in your monitor running through the hills and facing all the ups and downs of the uneven locations, you will face and feel the same at home running on this treadmill.

The treadmill is iFit enabled. You can train under renowned fitness trainers and progress in your fitness goals way sooner but in a proper way. The trainer can control how you workout on your treadmill.

But what caught our attention the most is its 15” HDTV. That, too, with a browser powered by Android. Continue watching the TV shows on it while sweating it all out. If that was not enough, it also features a 10” Full-Color Touch Display.


  • 25 CHP Commercial Pro Motor
  • 15-inch HDTV and 10” touch display
  • -3 to 15% incline and decline and 0-12 mph speed
  • Commercial-grade spacious 2-ply tread belt
  • 40 workout programs designed by a Certified Personal Trainer


  • Space-saving when folded; otherwise bulky

Buying Guide Best Treadmill Under 2000

You will find us emphasizing that treadmills under $2000 only need to have the essential features. So, what are those basic features? Let’s find out.

Sturdy Built With High-Quality Components

You will notice everyone repeating this about every type of workout equipment. Every workout equipment is expensive, and you are compelled to have a vigorous use of it, that too daily. When it’s about running and low impact workout, like what a treadmill offers, one will use it way more.

Only a treadmill made of sturdy material and robust, high-quality components can tackle the weight and ruthless use. Moreover, no, $2000 is not cheap, so, if anyone says that you will have to compromise the quality because you are spending less, turn on your skip mode. The reliability and safety is a must, no matter you are paying under $2000 for a treadmill.


Isn’t it pretty obvious looking at our compilation of the best among the rest that you can easily expect to get a moderately powered 3-4.5 CHP motor in an under $2000 treadmill? It is moderately powered compared to high incline, high speed, expensive, and high-end treadmills.

But the functions that such a budget-friendly treadmill offer can be easily used smoothly to their full potential with a 3-4.5 CHP motor. It’s a powerful motor that can accelerate the speed to 12 mph instantly, and the highest incline and the long workout will not heat the machine. Neither will make unbearable shrieking noise.

Soft, Robust, Good-Sized Treading Belt

We understand you are more inclined towards space-saving treadmills. However, space-saving doesn’t mean the deck will be narrow, and the tread belt will be thinner. We need a good-sized, very spacious running belt so that every body type can comfortably run on it without hurting themselves.

Also, it must be soft on your feet. Even though you run with shoes on but the harshness could be felt and leaves an impact. It must not wear out soon; thus, it has to be robust. Yes, an under $2000 treadmill can have that high-quality running belt.


Ensure that the treadmill you are buying has some extra cushioning system for a lower impact on your joints. Those who don’t have joint problems can still do with the ones without cushioning. But those who are struggling with joint pain and arthritis must have cushioning systems like FlexSelect tread cushioning or other similar ones for low impact running.

Incline And Speed

We think if a treadmill is under $2000, you can expect at least or let’s cut some slack up due to the price, minimum 11-12 mph speed, and 0-15% incline. A function of decline is very much appreciated but not a must for us.

Best Treadmill Under 2000 (FAQS)

1. How Effective is a Treadmill in Losing Weight?

Running on a treadmill is very effective in losing weight. You are continuously running, thus sweating and burning calories. Burning calories regularly automatically implies that you will lose weight. If you run on a treadmill for half an hour regularly and cut down your calorie intake, be sure to lose at least two pounds within a week or less.

2. Is a 3 Hp Motor That a Treadmill $2000 Features Good-quality?

Yes, it’s a good motor. Anything less than that in a $2000 treadmill is unacceptable. It could be more, but never less. A good motor is the prime feature of a treadmill costing you almost $2000. The ones we talked about, some of them have motors with more HP.

A treadmill under $2000 can easily feature a 3-4.5 HP high-quality potent motor. The motor will help to use the maximum speed and inline, mostly 12 mph and 15%, in most cases, to their full potential without heating the treadmill. You can also expect the treadmill to be quiet and have a smooth operation due to that motor.

3. Is a Treadmill Under $2000 Good, or Should I Spend More?

If you have the money, you can spend $10k or even more; who can stop you? However, we genuinely believe a treadmill under $2000 is more than adequate for everything a treadmill is expected to do. Especially the ones we have listed above and talked about in detail are the proof. These are all under $2000 with all the essential features of a treadmill.

4. Is It Safe to Run on an Under $2000 Treadmill?

Do not take treadmills under $2000 as cheaply made equipment. The price is not low, but budget-friendly. When a treadmill is budget-friendly, it provides its users with maximum high-quality features within that budget. Less pricey doesn’t mean low-quality, cheap treadmills.

The essential features will be there. For instance, the treadmill will have a sturdy frame, motor, and belt. Also, cushioning, a moderate speed range, and a few inclines. So, if you think with you running on it will cause it shredding into pieces, be sure that under $2000 treadmills are well-made and safe to workout.

Final Words

The best treadmill under 2000 will always thrive on its basics. If you want some fancy stuff and advanced features, you will need to spend way more. However, when the motive is to stay active at home, a limited budget with the most basic features will be the best.

An intricate machine is not something you will enjoy working with and exercising on. You don’t need several speeds and inclines, a giant screen, too many preset workout programs. If you have noticed all the treadmills we have found out as the best ones, they feature a moderate number of speed ranges and incline. Some of them don’t even have a decline.

The most that will matter in a treadmill is a sturdy construction to endure all the running you will do on it, a soft but smooth rolling belt, a strong motor, and a few speed and incline. Take everything else as bonuses. Hopefully, our attempt to find the best treadmills, especially the ones under 2000, and having a space-saving design has helped you in some way or the other.

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