How to Choose a Rowing Machine

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It’s never a bad idea to get serious about fitness, and in fact, there is a growing awareness about fitness among people of all ages these days. If you are looking forward to buying a rowing machine and aren’t quite sure how to choose a rowing machine with so many options available in the market, this is the post for you.

We will help you with the best buying guide and address many of the important questions relating to rowing machines bound to cross your mind. You can have a full-body workout using a rowing machine that comprises cardio exercise, burning calories, and building muscles. With that being said, let’s jump into the buying guide section and see what all factors you need to emphasize on for choosing the best rowing machine for your workout.

Buying Guide for How to Choose a Rowing Machine

If we try to visualize how things are like while you are about to place an order for your first rowing machine, things can be pretty overwhelming. Most people overlook the various crucial factors, which is certainly not a wise thing to do.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is the first and most crucial factor to consider while buying a rowing machine. First, you need to check carefully if the machine is easy to maintain. Usually, rowing machines that come with many detachable parts are pretty easy to maintain.

Another essential thing to consider is the seat. You must look for a comfortable seat for your body. Even though there is no denying the fact that most rowing machines come with an adjustable seat, adjusting the seat manually can get you off your focus, which isn’t a wise thing to do. Hence, you could look for it at the beginning itself.

Besides, you can also check if the adjustable foot straps are comfortable enough. If you have a particular model in your mind, you could try it out at your local store. You have to make sure that you can place your feet in the two separate pads and fit them comfortably using the adjustable straps.

Further, you can check the machine’s noise level and see if it has a silent operation since you don’t want to get a headache during your workouts out of the machine’s noise.


Rowing machines aren’t usually compact and may require ample space. Hence, before you can go ahead with buying a rowing machine, you must first ensure that there is enough space for a rowing machine in your home to set it up. What you can do is measure the area of your room and look for the rowing machines that would accommodate easily in that space.


Resistance is another crucial factor to keep in mind while choosing a rowing machine. While some rowing machines provide you with various resistance levels to choose from to make your workout more challenging, other rowing machines don’t come with adjustable resistance levels. In such machines, challenging workouts depend on how hard you pull the chain. However, we always recommend choosing a rowing machine with adjustable resistance.

Built-on Screen

A rowing machine with a built-in screen can get your workouts to the ultimate next level. Ideally, you should look for a large built-in screen positioned at an eye level so that you can watch the stats without having to stress.

Besides, you can look for smart features integrated with the screen, such as pre-programmed workouts, Bluetooth headphone connection, streaming capabilities, Wi-Fi connection, third-party apps sync, and a heart rate monitor.


We can’t rule out the importance of checking the rowing machine’s warranty period since you may run into some technical problem anytime, and in some cases, your machine may even need a repair.

Besides looking for a long warranty period, you must also pay close attention to the parts the warranty covers. Further, some rowing machines also have the option for users to extend the warranty at an additional price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What important factors should we consider while buying a rowing machine?

The market is filled with different rowing machine models, and one can easily end up making a wrong choice unless one considers the essential factors at the time of buying. Some crucial factors you must consider while buying a rowing machine are:

  • Detachable parts & easy maintenance
  • Comfortable seat
  • Good adjustable foot straps
  • Space available at your home for the rowing machine
  • Adjustable resistance levels for challenging workouts
  • Built-in screen with intelligent features
  • The warranty period and parts covered by the warranty

What are some of the benefits of a rowing machine workout?

A rowing machine workout is a brilliant alternative to a treadmill or elliptical and can positively impact your body and mind. Working out on a rowing machine can strengthen your cardiovascular system alongside providing you with a full-body workout. However, it is crucial to put utmost emphasis on the correct posture for the best results.

Can a rowing machine workout help me lose belly fat?

Besides strengthening your cardiovascular system and strengthening your body, a rowing machine can also help you eliminate stubborn belly fat. In fact, a rowing machine can be more effective than a treadmill in shedding belly fat when you use it correctly.

What should be the ideal workout duration for a rowing machine workout?

If you are just getting started with rowing, 20 to 30 minutes of workout every day for 4 to 6 days is enough for one to see some difference in a month or two. However, it is essential for you to use the correct technique and not overdo things.

Can rowing lead to back pain?

Rowing won’t lead to back pain as long as you use the proper posture and the correct technique. Besides, you must know your limits well in terms of intensity and try not pushing it too hard.

Further, it is also essential to take a break for a day or two every week so that the body gets proper rest, and that way, there would be no space for any injury.


We are pretty sure that you now have a clear idea of how you can go about choosing the best rowing machine for your workout. We tried to keep this post very comprehensive and tried answering some of the crucial questions relating to the rowing machine.

Our buying guide section offers you a perfect guide to choosing the best rowing machine, and as long as you consider the mentioned factors, you won’t go wrong with your choice.

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