ProForm 250I Elliptical Review

If you want to understand the various crucial aspects of the ProForm 250I Elliptical Review, Ellipticals are extensively used these days and, perhaps, are the best workout machines for anyone who is just getting started with fitness. What is most impressive about this elliptical is you can start with zero knowledge and ellipticals offer low-impact workout.

Working out on ellipticals is pretty much like walking, running, or jogging. Even arthritis patients can do ellipticals without any difficulty.

ProForm 250I Elliptical Review

ProForm 250I Elliptical is one of the finest ellipticals around these days. In this review, we will explain the various features of this elliptical, and by the end of this review, you will have good clarity about the ProForm 250I Elliptical.


The ProForm 250I Elliptical is an iFit ready elliptical that comes with a large LCD with watts Dial display and 14 workout apps. The machine weighs 133 pounds and measures 50 x 26 x 18 inches. The ProForm 250I offers complete body fitness and provides you with a powerful performance with sustained quality.

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The machine also has an EKG grip pulse, 17-inch stride length, and upper-body grips. The 17-inch stride allows you to move freely. The oversized pedals offer excellent balance and convenience. The flywheel is inertia-enhanced for a natural and consistent movement. The machine allows you to make your workout challenging with 14 resistance levels, and the smr silent magnetic resistance ensures the machine remains silent while you adjust the intensity.

The ProForm 250I Elliptical comes with various handy features such as a workout fan, iPod-compatible audio, and water bottle holder. The transport wheels make it pretty convenient for the users to move the elliptical. Besides, the levelers offer excellent stability and comfort. The integrated tablet holder lets you use your tablet during your workout. The machine has a 5-year frame Warranty and 90-Day parts & labor Warranty.

Features at a Glance

  • Comes iFit ready
  • Large LCD with watts Dial display and 14 workout apps
  • 17-inch stride length, and upper-body grips
  • Oversized pedals
  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • 14 resistance levels
  • smr silent magnetic resistance
  • Transport wheels and levelers
  • Integrated tablet holder

Pros & Cons


  • Advanced LCD
  • iFit ready model
  • Comes safely packed
  • Easy movement with a 17-inch stride
  • Oversized pedals for a good balance
  • The Display offers you comprehensive stats
  • Easy and quick setup with accurate instructions
  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel for natural movement
  • 14 resistance levels to adjust the workout intensity
  • Transport wheels to move the machine easily
  • Integrated tablet holder


  • iFit connectivity issues
  • The machine needs lubrication from time to time

ProForm 250I Elliptical FAQs

1. Are ProForm ellipticals good?

ProForm ellipticals are available at competitive prices and come with loads of advanced features. Most importantly, they are easy to use and offer excellent performance. ProForm ellipticals are great for home workouts. One salient thing about the ProForm ellipticals is that they come safely packed. Besides, they are also pretty durable with sustained quality.

2. Why do most ellipticals squeak?

If your ellipticals squeak during workouts, there is nothing seriously wrong, and most ellipticals do squeak over time. However, it means the elliptical needs maintenance, which could be either tightening, cleaning, or lubricating the machine.

3. How do I lubricate my ProForm elliptical?

The process of lubricating any ProForm elliptical is not complex, and all you have to do is apply lubricant to the machine’s ramps. As far as the type of lubricant goes, it can be silicone lubricant. However, you must not use an excess lubricant, and only a thin layer of it should be fine, and you could wipe off the leftover. If there is any leftover, you could use it to oil up the rollers, which will help the elliptical with smooth movement

4. What lubricants should I use to lubricate my elliptical?

You can either use red-lithium ball-bearing grease or white-lithium grease to lubricate your elliptical. You could also use Silicone lubricant. You can easily find any of these grease types at your nearby automotive store or any fitness equipment store.

5. Can I use a ProForm elliptical without the iFit?

Even though, as per the instructions on the elliptical, you have to activate the iFit to use the machine, you can bypass it by holding down the iFit or Bluetooth button for just about 30 seconds, and that way, you are free to use the on-board workouts.

6. What does silent magnetic resistance mean?

Silent magnetic resistance in an elliptical means the elliptical has no parts touching one another, especially while you are adjusting the intensity of the workout by switching between the resistance levels. This means even when you are adjusting the intensity, the machine will continue to be silent. Further, ellipticals with silent magnetic resistance need very little maintenance compared to those that don’t come with this feature.


We tried to keep this review as comprehensive as we could, and we are pretty sure that you have enjoyed reading this post. Most importantly, you should now have a good knowledge of all the features of the ProForm 250I Elliptical. Going by what is covered in this review, the ProForm 250I Elliptical is a reliable elliptical with excellent features.

The machine comes with an easy setup and many handy features such as the tablet holder, transport wheels, and levelers. Fourteen resistance levels are good enough for any beginner or intermediate to make one’s workout more challenging. The machine has many innovative features for smooth performance, including a 17-inch stride, oversized pedals, and Inertia-enhanced flywheel.

You shouldn’t experience any problem as long as you assemble the elliptical correctly, and this is the reason that you must pay close attention to the setup to ensure nothing goes wrong with it in the first place. The ProForm 250I Elliptical is overall a brilliant elliptical for a home workout, and you can go ahead with buying this machine with no doubt.

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