The 5 Best Small Exercise Machines You Can Use at Home

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If you are a person with many responsibilities that keep you busy during the day and make it difficult for you to go to the gym, training from home may be an alternative for you. There are small exercise machines on the market that will help you train and de-stress after a tiring day.

Small Exercise Machines You Can Use at Home

We Select the best small exercise machines you can use at home in a dynamic, safe and comfortable way. These types of machines are specially designed for small spaces, so you can adapt them to any area of ​​your house and move them thanks to the fact that they are light. Get to know the best cardio and bodybuilding machines that you can use from home to exercise!

The Best Small Exercise Machines You Can Use at Home

1. Elliptical Bike

It is one of the best options for exercising, as it will help you work more muscles per session. With the elliptical cross trainer, you can train the muscles of the arms, shoulders, buttocks, hips and legs simultaneously.

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These types of machines are easy to use and will not require complex training to use. With the elliptical bike, you can exercise with its suspended pedals, which will help you avoid overloads that can affect your joints.

Advantages of the Elliptical Bike

  • Helps to exercise several muscles simultaneously.
  • It allows working the cardiovascular resistance, improves the health of the heart and helps to lose weight.
  • It does not generate negative impacts on the joints.
  • It offers intense training according to the capacities of the person.
  • It has a high calorific consumption.
  • It occupies a small space compared to similar benefit equipment such as the treadmill.
  • It is ideal for people who start in sports and older people.

Disadvantages of the Elliptical Trainer

  • The assembly or assembly is usually complex and more expensive, since it may require technical personnel.
  • It has more volume than a stationary bike.
  • They can be difficult to move, so it is recommended to have them in a fixed place.

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2. Treadmills

The treadmill is one of the best-known and most used small exercise machines. These machines will help you exercise the muscles of the lower body, as well as stimulate the cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation.

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There are various models on the market with multiple functions, which will allow you to adjust the speed, the level of incline or the intensity of the movements that they will require.

Unlike elliptical and stationary bikes, this cardio machine can cause joint damage if you train for long periods. For this reason, it is advisable to wear special shoes for walking or running.

Advantages of the Treadmill

  • During training, it can be demanding and allow different muscle groups to be worked at the same time, which is why it reflects a high calorific consumption.
  • It will allow you to run at any time from your home, regardless of the weather conditions.
  • You can train by series and at intensities adapted to your abilities.
  • Helps maintain good physical and health conditions.

Disadvantages of the Treadmill

  • It generates vibrations and noises that can cause a nuisance if you live in apartments and have neighbors below your floor.
  • According to the variety of functions and the power it has, it can have high electrical consumption.
  • Maybe more expensive than other similar benefit machines.

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3. Step Machine

The step machine is one of the best options for training at home since it represents a low cost and a high calorific requirement. In addition, depending on the model, it can occupy a small space.

This type of cardio machine is primarily focused on the lower body, specifically the legs and buttocks. However, some models offer the alternative of using elastic bands to also exercise the arms and shoulders.

Advantages of the Step Machine

  • It helps tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks and, in some models with elastic bands, arms and shoulders.
  • It allows for increasing heart rate and resistance, increasing calorific consumption.
  • It represents a low cost compared to similar machines.
  • It is easy to assemble or install.
  • They usually take up little space.

Disadvantages of the Step Machine

  • It can be uncomfortable or annoying for some people who find it difficult to train without holding on to a surface or who want to exercise more muscles per session.
  • Training is limited to legs and buttocks on most models.
  • It can cause damage to the knee joints.
  • The workout is lower intensity relative to similar machines.

4. Stationary Bicycle

These types of machines offer the same benefits as a traditional bicycle since they simulate movements without the need to move. Stationary bikes help exercise the muscles of the lower body, strengthening and increasing the resistance of the legs.

Advantages of the Exercise Bike

  • It is a small cardio exercise machine compared to similar ones.
  • It does not cause damage to the joints.
  • It is silent and produces almost no vibrations, making it ideal for apartments if you have neighbors below your floor.
  • It is ideal for patients undergoing rehabilitation, as it helps to exercise the muscles affected by injuries.

Disadvantage of Stationary Bike

  • It has a reduced intensity compared to the elliptical bike. However, the demand can be increased by standing on the pedals.

5. Static Pedals

Static pedals are one of the most dynamic small exercise machines, as they will allow you to exercise your arms and legs without much difficulty from home. With this machine, you can train anywhere thanks to the fact that they are small and easy to move.

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Advantages of Stationary Pedals

  • They help exercise the muscles of the legs and arms.
  • They are cheap.
  • They take up little space and are lightweight.
  • They are easy to assemble, move and use.

Disadvantages of Static Pedals

  • The workout is lower intensity compared to similar machines.


Small exercise machines are equipment specially designed to train in small spaces like your home. These machines will allow you to exercise the muscles in specific groups or areas, toning them and improving your strength and endurance.

Likewise, thanks to their characteristics, they will allow you to perform cardiovascular exercises that will help you strengthen your lungs, heart, and circulatory system dynamically and economically.

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