Sole E55 Elliptical Review

Sole E55 Elliptical Review: Sole E55 elliptical is one of the best fitness equipment of Sole. It provides practical low-impact exercises that mainly target the lower body. Also, it promotes weight loss while toning the entire body. At the same time, our balance, stamina, flexibility, blood circulation, and cardiovascular health improves.

Sole E55 Elliptical Review

Only a 30 minutes training session on this elliptical will give these benefits. Now, you may wonder why customers prioritize this model over thousands of options. You will get the answer after reading this in-depth review:

Sole E55 Elliptical Review


This unit extends 6-feet in length and 2-feet in width. Such a compact structure fits small workout areas easily. However, you can not judge its load capacity by the frame. It can support up to 375-pound user weight.

Its 15-inch oversized pedals are everything a trainee needs to prevent unwanted discomfort in the lower body. Their resting positions are adjustable as well.

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Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer


Let’s talk about the flywheel. It plays a crucial role in creating sufficient resistance we need during a workout. It is connected to the pedals and rotates as we move. Heavier elliptical flywheels are comparatively better since they can build more momentum.

This machine contains a 20-pounds heavy flywheel that delivers smooth and quiet performance. It works fine for beginners and intermediate, but the experts may want a heavier one. Honestly, we have seen models with heavier flywheels within the same price range.

We are impressed with the multi-grip handlebars. They allow multiple grip choices. As a result, we can target all upper body muscle groups by varying the grips. Besides, it enables us to find a position to move comfortably.

Now, come to the stride length. The majority of compact ellipticals come with small strides. Unlike them, E55 features a 20-inch long stride. As you can assume, it is perfect for average to tall clients but may not suit a short person. We really wish that it had adjustability options.

Although it weighs 214 pounds, it is pretty portable. There are transport wheels to move the elliptical wherever you want. They also make storage easier.

Many of us are afraid of buying ergonomic devices because of poor construction. Luckily, we no longer have to worry about build quality when it comes to this machine. Almost all body parts of this unit consist of heavy-duty components, and the result is ultimate durability.

We don’t like its tricky setup, though. It requires lots of work, time, and effort. But we can ignore it as most of the elliptical needs the same amount of hard work.

Adjustable Incline

An elliptical with an adjustable incline is a blessing. Basically, users don’t get good results after getting used to a certain level. Then, they can challenge themselves by increasing the slope. It is also beneficial for multiple users because they can change the workout intensity as per need. Overall, this elliptical offers 20 levels up to 20° incline.

Digital Upgrade

It features a modern 9-inch LCD screen, which displays the trainee’s progress. Heart rate count is pretty reliable because both wireless straps and pulse sensors track the number. This monitor has the capability of sharing the fitness statistics with android workout software too. Angle adjustability is its best part, as everyone can change the angle to see the readings clearly.

They can use a mobile or tablet as a monitor. A device holder is there to keep the devices stable. With Bluetooth technology, setting up personalized training programs has been possible. Or, you can just do your regular workouts and listen to your favorite music or watch videos simultaneously. Other advanced upgrades include music speakers, personal cooling fans, and a USB charging port.

Workout Programs

Who doesn’t like preset workout plans according to their body type? So, this machine supplies ten workout programs, including manual training, hill climbing, cardio, calorie-burning, interval training, and strength training. Plus, you can pick from two kinds of pulse-rate controlled workouts. As soon as you select one mode, the resistance and incline will be set automatically based on the settings. For more customizable programs, feel free to use the Sole Fitness App.


We have presented the specifications, features, pros, and cons of the Sole E55 Elliptical here. It is an excellent model for both home and gym uses. If you prefer more compactness, built-in programs, heavier flywheels, it may not suit you.

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