The 10 Best Elliptical Machine Under 1000 in 2023

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There is no doubt that exercising is essential for all of us. Exercising doesn’t just keep your body trim, but it also keeps you healthy. When you work out regularly, all parts of your body move, and this keeps them flexible.

Regular deep breathing also provides work for your lungs and heart. When you breathe harder, the heart pumps more blood and oxygen to every cell of your body. When muscles receive extra oxygen and blood, they become stronger. Your stamina will increase with exercise.

Best Elliptical Machine Under 1000

An elliptical machine is wholesome exercise equipment that provides movement to all parts of the body. It is also an excellent way to lose fat. With this equipment, you burn more calories than with other forms of exercise.

Unlike running, the elliptical puts a lesser strain on your joints as there is less impact on them. This machine helps to bring great flexibility to both the upper and lower body. Get yourself the best elliptical machine under 1000 if you want to remain fit and improve your stamina.

Reviews of Top Ellipticals Under 1000

When you buy a machine, you must get the best benefits from it. This is why we decided to provide the essential details of the top machines you can buy for under $1000. We considered your comfort and personal goals when we selected different machines.

Ease of use, safety from injuries, durability, and ability to provide variety in working out were considered while selecting personal exercise trainers. We considered various other factors like space, smooth movement, flexibility, etc. when choosing the top 10 ellipticals for you.

Almost anyone can find their choice machine in this list of high-quality exercise machines that will avoid you from going to the gym or exercising outdoors. Achieve your weight-loss goals with these ellipticals. We have described each machine’s salient features, along with the pros & cons in this review.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 Elliptical Machine

This entry-level machine comes from a company reputed for its elliptical trainers. The weight of the equipment and its sturdy build is worth mentioning. There is probably no other trainer in this price range that offers 16 resistance levels, 24 preset programs, and a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

The magnetic resistance ensures that the SF-E3912 works so quietly that it is most suitable for homes where others may be involved in some serious work. Another benefit of a magnetic machine is that you can exercise at a high resistance level even when you are walking or running at very slow speeds. With 16 levels you have enough variation for working out.

The trainer comes with a decently large-sized LCD that makes it easy to read. Heart rate is measured using fixed sensors on the handlebars. The usual exercise details like speed, duration, distance, and watts generated can be measured. This equipment has both movable and fixed handlebars.


  • 16 Resistance Levels & 24 Preset Programs.
  • Sturdy & Stable Machine.
  • 330 Lbs Capacity.
  • Quite Working Magnetic Resistance.
  • Large LCD Display & Fixed Sensors.


  • Short Stride Length of 14″.
  • Not Suitable For People Over 6′ Tall.

2. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Elliptical Trainer

Stress-free, zero-impact exercise is what the Teeter FreeStep promises. What is even better is that you can enjoy your exercise in the comfort of your home. This elliptical machine has been built to reduce the load on your back and joints. It helps to burn calories with lesser strain on your knees.

This is also a great elliptical for a short person. The patented technology of this machine offers the same comfort as physiotherapy steppers. You can enjoy gentle motion at a fraction of the cost of commercial equipment. This machine moves in a unique way to keep your knees from getting sheared. Your hips don’t sway while exercising, thus preventing them from getting destabilized. The Teeter FreeStep allows you to exercise effectively without causing strain to your back or knees.

This feature-rich best elliptical machine under 1000 offers you the facility to listen to music or read from your mobile devices. The attractive console allows you to monitor the number of calories burned.

You can track your speed, distance, and duration of exercise from the display. Wheels allow you to roll the machine easily for storage. Stay hydrated by keeping water handy in the water bottle holder.


  • Full Body Workout.
  • Low-Stress Exercise.
  • Durable & Heavy-Duty Equipment.
  • Attractive Console And Quiet.
  • Adjustable To Target Specific Muscles.


  • Priced Higher.
  • Not Suitable for High-Intensity Workouts.

3. SCHWINN 470 Elliptical Machine

The SCHWINN 470 is an elliptical machine suitable for low-impact workouts. It has movable handlebars with a 20″ stride length.

You can set 25 different resistant levels with digital controls. You can program profiles of four users, and 29 different presets using the console on the machine.

This exercise equipment offers an upper body workout with moving handlebars that are slightly curved for comfort. A 20-pound flywheel allows you to set 25 difficulty levels. The equipment allows for smooth striding and exercising without strain. The power-adjustable incline with six settings helps to focus on different muscles and burn fat quickly.

There is a heart-rate control program that uses contact pulse readers. The equipment comes with a device shelf for your entertainment along with a sound system. You also have a three-speed fan to cool you off and a water bottle holder to prevent you from getting dehydrated.


  • It Home Friendly Machine with Moving Handlebars.
  • 25 difficulty settings & 20″ stride length.
  • Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Device shelf & charging port.
  • User-friendly LCD.


  • No Adjustable Angle For Pedals.
  • Absence of Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.

4. SCHWINN 430 Compact Elliptical Machine

SCHWINN 430 is a low-priced elliptical trainer featuring a front-drive design. You can configure two user profiles and 22 preset programs in this home exercise machine.

There are 20 levels of resistance, and the inclined path is 20″ long. You can adjust the incline manually up to 9 degrees. A 13.2-pound heavy flywheel allows you to set 20 difficulty levels using magnetic braking. Curved moving handlebars facilitate upper body exercises. The manually adjustable incline allows you to have six settings for better muscle toning.

You can track the speed, distance, and calories for comparing with your previous workouts. The stride allows you to mimic natural running motion exactly. The drive is specifically designed to give you a quick start and smooth exercise without noise.

A USB charging port, sound system, and space for mobile devices are provided for your entertainment. Prevent your body from getting heated up excessively using the three-speed fan attached to the exerciser. A water-bottle holder is conveniently placed for easy access.


  • Track Exercise Parameters for Comparison.
  • Moving handlebar for Upper Body Exercise.
  • Simulate Natural Running Motion.
  • Cushioned Footplates For Low-Impact Workout.
  • Moving and Fixed Handlebars for Flexibility.


  • No Adjustable Angles For Pedals.
  • Quickly Wearing Plastic Rollers.

5. Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

The Nautilus E616 can easily be one of the best elliptical trainers available at moderate prices. Armed with a 30-pound flywheel it offers incomparable resistance levels. It has an incline limit of 15 degrees with three settings to focus on different muscle groups. This is good for people with different workout capabilities.

The Nautilus has a stride length of 22″ which is a bit more than an ordinary human’s natural footpath. You can program up to four user profiles in the console. There are 29 preset training programs that will allow you to achieve your personal goals easily. These programs control the incline, exercise duration, and resistance. Users can save their training details on mobile phones.

The machine comes with two LCDs and exercises data. You can place your tablet or mobile phone conveniently in the allotted space. You can listen to music through two speakers connectable to an MP3 player. A chest strap included in the package helps to monitor your heart rate.


  • Long Stride & Heavy Flywheel.
  • 4 User Profiles & 29 Present Programs.
  • Integrate Workout Data With Fitness Apps.
  • Incline With 15 Degree Adjustment.
  • Speakers For Entertainment.


  • Stride Length Too Long For Small-Size Users.
  • Front Drive Machines Require More Maintenance.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3865 Elliptical Machine

The 20″ stride length of the SF-E3865 makes it suitable for fairly tall people of up to 6.1 feet. One of the most impressive features of this machine is its silent functioning due to magnetic resistance. You can watch TV or listen to music while exercising without any disturbance. This equipment comes with a large 44-pound flywheel that makes motion very smooth.

With this equipment, you can choose between 7 workout modes or 12 different programs. There are 16 levels of resistance that are provided by the belt-driven system. Your upper body workout is complete with this machine thanks to the full-motion handlebars. The curved shape and non-slip grips offer comfort beyond comparison. RPM, speed, time, distance, and calories burned can be read out easily from the backlit LCD console.

The tablet holder allows you to watch workout videos and follow them. You can conveniently place your beverage in the water bottle holder to make sure that you are not dehydrated while working out. Listening to music on your phone can make you exercise for longer periods without getting bored.


  • Good Stride Length.
  • Silent Performance.
  • Heavy Flywheel for Smooth Operation.
  • Solid Build for Stability.
  • Easy To Move for Storage.


  • The console is Not Telemetric.
  • No Sound System.

7. Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

The trainer comes with a perimeter weighted flywheel or smooth starts and exercises. You can manually set the incline in six positions for getting the right intensity. There are 9 profile programs that include Fun, Mountain, and Challenge rides. There are 8 heart rate programs with custom configurations.

The Nautilus E614 has a 20″ stride length that is suitable for users of all sizes. The large foot pads make it convenient for all trainers. 20 levels of magnetic resistance help you work out at different intensity levels. You can save the workout details for two people. You can measure your distance, speed, time, resistance level, and calories burnt on the dual LCDs.

The highlight of this trainer is the displays. One large and the other small. You can use the main display to place a book or mobile phone and still watch the data on the other screen. A fan and water bottle holder are part of the equipment. This machine can be enhanced with a lot of additional options by paying a few extra dollars.


  • Reputed Elliptical Trainer Brand.
  • Stable Even During Intense Workout.
  • Highly Durable Equipment With a 10-year Warranty.
  • 12 Preset Workout Programs.
  • Download And Save Workout Data.


  • Manual Incline Adjustment.
  • No Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.

8. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3875 Elliptical Machine

The one-piece base and dual-rail system for the pedals makes this machine very stable and sturdy. The stride length is approximately 20″ and can accommodate reasonably large people. The pedals are made of ABS and attached to heavy-duty steel bars. This makes them easily accommodate people up to 300 pounds.

When you have a prolonged elevated heart rate during exercise, it helps in faster fat burning. The SF-E3875 helps monitor your heart rate using pulse sensors. Upper body strengthening is possible with full-motion handlebars that come with comfortable anti-slip padding for better grip. It is possible to know your workout performance with BMI data, heart rate, and watt generation. You can set 16 levels of computerized resistance.

You can monitor your time, speed, distance, and calories burned with the best elliptical machine under 1000. Keep yourself hydrated by keeping your water bottle accessible in the bottle holder. There is a convenient place to keep your tablets and watch workout videos. This machine can work without power. in such situations, you can use the last resistance.


  • Sturdy Steel Construction & Easy Transport.
  • 16 Resistance Levels & 24 Workout Programs.
  • Pulse Sensors Measure Heart Rate.
  • Silent Operation Suitable For Home Use.
  • BMI Function.


  • No Incline For Targeting Different Muscles.
  • No Internet Connectivity Or Sound System.

9. ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer

This High-Intensity Interval Trainer (HIIT) allows you to perform a variety of aerobic exercises. This machine delivers quick results without the risk of causing any health issues like tendonitis or osteoarthritis. ProForm Cardio combines the smooth operation of elliptical trainers and the fast fat-burning of stair climbers.

The footpath can move 10″ upwards and 5″ forward giving you more rigorous exercise. The movable handlebars ensure an upper-body workout. The combination of a steeper slope and upper body movement ensures faster burning of fat.

This machine allows HIIT which means that you can practice high-intensity sessions at intervals. This will help you burn fat at three or four times lesser than with a treadmill. This equipment helps you increase your stamina in a very short time.

There is a large 7″ display along with space to place your tablet. With an iFit subscription, you can track your workout. You can connect the speakers to your phones and enjoy your favorite music while working out. A fan keeps you cool during exercise.


  • Gives Full Body Training.
  • 28-Pound flywheel 24 Resistance Settings.
  • 7″ Display.
  • Shelf For Tablet.
  • Fan & Water Bottle Holder.


  • HIIT Not Suitable For Everyone.
  • No Wireless Pulse Monitoring Option.

10. ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520 E Elliptical

The 520 E is an ideal machine for beginners for workouts at home. It comes with 18 preloaded exercise programs specially designed by professional trainers. This can save the time that you take to plan your workouts. Smart working out gives you the best results and keeps you motivated.

There are multiple manual incline settings up to a maximum of 20 degrees to help you target different muscle groups. The adjustment of resistance levels is easy, with a 15-pound flywheel and eighteen different digital settings. The stationary handlebars have heart-rate sensors built into them. The commercial steel frame assures you durability even when used by heavy persons. Store the equipment easily anywhere using the transport wheels.

There is a tablet computer shelf along with two speakers. You can also connect your iPod to the speakers. You can enhance your exercise experience by subscribing to iFit Coach and downloading unlimited workout programs.


  • Silent Magnetic Resistance.
  • Sturdy Commercial Steel Frame.
  • 18 Workout Settings.
  • Pulse Data with Grip Sensors.
  • Incline Adjustments Up To 20 Degrees.


  • No Wireless Pulse Receiver.
  • Only Basic Display is Available.

Buying Guide For Best Ellipticals Under 1000

There are many things to consider when you are looking for the best elliptical machine under 1000. Your budget, your workout goals, and space are some general factors to consider. There are too many options that are available within this budget. Below are some critical features that you must check before making your purchase decision.

Adjustable Incline

This is what qualifies the elliptical machine as a cross-trainer. This feature makes exercising more interesting as you can adjust the focus on different muscles. Most machines in this price range come with this feature. It can be an either a manual or automatic adjustment.

Adjustable Resistance

Almost all trainers offer this feature. The levels range from easiest to hardest and help you move further as you gain strength and stamina. Look for a machine that offers more resistance levels. It must be easy to change the levels. This will allow you to incorporate HIIT into your training sessions.

Smooth Motion

This is very important for making your workout easy. There shouldn’t be any trouble with your body motion. Your knees or hips shouldn’t feel any strain. You can know this only by trying a few machines. You must work out for at least 20 minutes to know if it is suitable for you. You shouldn’t have to reach or bend when using the machine. You must be in a neutral position.

Stride Length

A longer stride length is essential for people who are of average size. The length ranges from around 14″ to 22″. An adjustable stride length will be useful if more people in the house are using the equipment.

Movable Handlebars

Though they are not a necessity, they help in giving a good workout to your upper body. For those who are not into strength training, this feature is helpful to give some upper body exercise. When buying these models, you must make sure that these movements are also smooth and don’t strain your arms.

Quiet Operation

If you are working out in a home where other people enjoy different activities, then a quiet machine is an absolute necessity.

Forward And Reverse Movement

Many machines offer this feature. This will add variety and increase the challenge of your exercise. The chance of injury due to repetitive movement, as with treadmills and stair climbers, is reduced greatly with this feature.

Additional Features

Large LCDs, a fan for cooling, a water bottle holder, space for keeping your mobile devices, and connectivity to apps are features that are offered in different machines. Many machines have speakers to enjoy music while working out.

Safety & Ease Of Use

Look for safety features like locks to prevent movement when not in use. Machines with pads on the pedals to prevent slipping are better. Check the bodyweight capacity of the machine. Ensure that the machine offers features for easy storage. Having wheels to move the machine will help in the easy movement to storage space.

Elliptical Machine Under 1000 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. How Effective is an Elliptical Machine in Losing Weight?

An elliptical trainer can help you lose weight faster than other equipment because it offers both upper and lower-body workouts. Different resistant levels allow you to set your goals higher as you start burning calories. You can practice High-Intensity Interval Training on these machines which help you burn fat very rapidly.

2. Is a Front-drive or Rear-drive Better in an Elliptical Machine?

A rear-drive machine offers better inertia and hence gives a smoother pedaling action. But these machines are expensive and are used by most fitness centers. For home usage, the front-drive model is enough as it will serve your purpose very well.

3. Why is the Stride Length Very Important?

When you are buying the best elliptical machine under 1000 this is one factor to be considered very well because a shorter stride length can make working out almost impossible for a tall person. It will feel more like climbing stairs instead of pedaling. You must opt for a machine that offers a minimum of 20″ length for front-drive equipment.

4. Which is the Best Resistance System?

The magnetic resistance system is best for home use because it is silent. It has a magnetic braking system placed near the flywheel. The resistance is adjusted by moving the magnet closer or farther from the flywheel.

5. How Should the Elliptical Machine Be Maintained?

Most of the trainers don’t need much by way of regular maintenance. However, keeping the equipment clean and dust-free is essential for smooth working. You can also check the bolts to see if anything is loose. This is especially necessary for moving arms. You can check the user manual for more information on specific maintenance for particular models.

Final Words

Having an elliptical trainer at home is the best way to keep fit. These machines offer a variety of workout options for all parts of the body. As they come with various flexible modes, every member of the family can use the equipment.

Unlike the treadmill or stair climber, these trainers don’t impact your knees or hips. They don’t strain any part of the body excessively. The facility to progress at your pace satisfies the needs of people with different workout goals. Your progress is measurable using various parameters.

Though the above list is not exhaustive we have tried to line up the trainers with the best features under the $1000 price mark. The buying guide will be useful when you are analyzing the features of different machines.

You will know what characteristics are important. You can avoid unimportant features if they affect your budget. Purchase a machine that will just suit your requirements instead of deciding on one with add-ons that you may never use.

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