The 10 Best Rowing Machine Under 300 in 2023

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Contrary to popular misconception, rowing machines don’t just tone your arm muscles. Rowing is an exercise that affects around 86% of your muscles. It improves your endurance and strength. Besides, your muscles get toned with its use. It targets the upper back, arms, pecs, obliques, and abdominal muscles.

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

Reviews of Best Rowing Machine Under 300

Your leg muscles, including quadriceps, glutes, and calves, also get worked out using the rowing machine. The following review of different machines will help you find the best rowing machine under 300. We have analyzed the various features each of these machines offer and how they are beneficial for you.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515  Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

Sunny Health & Fitness has been pretty famous for its fitness machines, and this rower has excellent features and is value for money. The rails are 48” long with a 44” inseam, which will be sufficient for almost all users. The large foot pad is suitable for people of various sizes. Textured foot pads will keep your feet from slipping.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine offers eight levels of resistance using the magnetic method. You can adjust it easily by turning a dial. The rower works very quietly so that others in the house don’t get disturbed by the workout. Storage is easy with the folding design. You can move the equipment anywhere with the transport wheels. A fully padded seat makes you comfortable.

There is a large LCD monitor to help you evaluate your performance, measuring time, count, and calories. The scan mode keeps the different readings showing one after the other, and you can assemble the machine very easily. This machine targets all muscle groups and is most suitable for light aerobic and cardiovascular exercises.


  • Sturdy machine suitable for people of all sizes.
  • Eight resistance levels are easily adjustable with a dial.
  • The magnetic mechanism is relatively quiet.
  • The console is easily readable while exercising.
  • Easy folding and transporting using wheels.


  • Not advanced enough for serious rowers.
  • There is no distance reading in the meter.

2. MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine with steel tube frame is sturdy and stable. The 49” inch long rails allow people up to 6’5” tall to use it comfortably. The equipment is suitable for people up to 243 pounds. The cushioned and contoured seat provides better seat comfort. The wheels under the seat have a layer of rubber padding to dampen the noise while exercising.

The rower works on a magnetic resistance system, and hence you don’t need much power to do your workout. The equipment provides 16 levels of resistance, allowing you to improve your exercise levels. The working is silent, which makes it suitable for home use. The slightly oblique rail provides additional resistance. The rower is foldable.

The LCD console can show you count, time, strokes per minute, total strokes, and calories burned. You can use a button on the console to scroll between various readings or use the scan mode to keep the readings rotating. Assembling the rower is a pretty simple job. There is no need for any regular maintenance or lubrication.


  • Console shows various readings clearly.
  • Durable construction to suit most people.
  • 16 resistance levels using a magnetic method.
  • Long rail to accommodate people up to 6’5” height.
  • The level of rear stabilizers is adjustable to change the difficulty.


  • No pulse reading function available.
  • No backlighting in the console for easy reading.

3. Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

The Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine has a sturdy construction that uses steel with aluminum beams. The seats are thickly padded and are comfortable for regular rowing sessions. You can hold the handles comfortably. The highlight of this equipment is free motion handles. There can be forward, backward, and sideways movement for the handles. The arms can also move independently of each other.

You get resistance in Stamina 1215 through a hydraulic piston. When you move the arms, the piston’s fluid moves from one chamber to another through a small hole providing resistance. The smooth and strong resistance in this rowing machine works quietly. This best rowing machine under 300 offers five resistance levels for each handle.

There is a single-button multi-function console in this rowing machine. It displays count, time, calories burned, speed, and distance. You can make the readings go one by one in the scan mode. The console becomes active when you move the seat. It will switch off automatically if you don’t use the machine for four minutes.


  • Multifunctional console with scan mode.
  • Smooth and quiet hydraulic resistance system.
  • Five easily adjustable resistance levels for each arm.
  • Free motion arms exactly mimic water rowing action.
  • You can adjust rowing beam inclination for exercise variation.


  • No present exercise programs.
  • Basic meter with no facility to monitor heart rates.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5622  Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

What is best about The Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function rower is that it offers the opportunity to perform various exercises than just cardio. You can use the machine to strengthen your upper body parts like shoulders, arms, back, and core, making this machine perfect for different fitness goals. The seats have pads for better seating comfort.

The resistance in this rower is backed by a magnetic system that is very reliable and quiet. There are eight levels of resistance, which you can set by turning a knob. The handles above the seats provide a firm grip. You can fold the machine in half so that storage becomes very easy. The transport wheels allow you to roll it very quickly.

You can know the details of your workout from the advanced LCD computer display. The display shows all parameters that you will need to keep track of. You can reset the values every time you start a new session. The display is bright, and the font is large for easy reading.


  • Adjustable bright LCD monitor.
  • Easily adjustable resistance levels.
  • Padded seats offer excellent comfort.
  • Easy to fold and light in weight makes handling easy.
  • Dual function footpads allow performing different exercises.


  • No way to measure the distance.
  • Assembling the machine is difficult and time-consuming.

5. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

The Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Rowing machine comes with a robust double steel frame with corrosion-resistant paint. People weighing 250 pounds and 6’5” tall can use this rowing machine very conveniently. The makers have provided a slightly longer rail for this machine than other models, and it comes with a slightly inclined rail, which provides a little extra exercise for your legs.

The Fitness Reality rowing machine has a unique feature that allows you to do exercises other than rowing. They have placed the footpads to do bicep curls, stand-up rows, front raises, side raises, triceps extensions, etc. Being a folding design, you can keep the machine even in small storage spaces when not in use.

The rower offers 14 resistance levels with the turn of the tension knobs. However, the resistance system is not dynamic, meaning that there is no change in difficulty, however hard you may pull at the handle. A 3.5” console measures essential parameters. You can connect the machine to your mobile devices using Bluetooth. The machine is easy to assemble and maintain.


  • The meter shows different parameters.
  • 14 levels of resistance adjustable with a knob.
  • Footpads allow performing different exercises.
  • Folding design with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Sturdy construction allowing users up to 250 lbs weight.


  • No facility to read your heart rate.
  • The meter doesn’t have backlighting.

6. EFITMENT Aero Air Fan Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

The EFITMENT Aero Air rowing machine works on air resistance and offers excellent exercising possibilities for the home user. You can get a full-body cardio workout from this rowing machine. Anyone below 245 pounds in weight can use this rower comfortably. It has a long rail suitable for most people.

A reasonably large fan provides the resistance in this rower. There are no magnetic elements to add to the difficulty levels. There is a dynamic resistance system, which means that the more you pull on the handles, the more difficult it will become. There is no provision for adjusting the resistance in this equipment.

There is a reasonably simple meter to show total strokes, strokes per minute, and the calories burned. There is a single button that will help to change the parameters you want to see. There are no preset workout programs in the EFITMENT Aero Air rower. The front portion comes pre-assembled, and setting up the machine is pretty straight-forward.


  • Strong steel frame and long rails suit most people.
  • Adjustable rear stabilizers help in increasing resistance.
  • Pivoting footrests and adjustable straps for securing feet.
  • Dynamic resistance helps to adjust the difficulty level.
  • The clear display shows various exercise parameters.


  • No facility for pulse reading.
  • There is no backlight for the meter.

7. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

The 1050 rowing machine may look small, but it can function as well as any regular machine and help achieve your fitness goals. Having a sturdy steel frame and aluminum center beam, this rower is easy to handle. Users weighing below 250 pounds can use this rowing machine. It has textured footplates and padded grips.

The hydraulic cylinder provides resistance in this rowing machine. By adjusting the resistance, you can suit your workout goals. The sliding seats move on ball bearings, which makes it silent and smooth. The arms have a full motion, which can replicate the movements of actually rowing a boat. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 is the best rowing machine under 300, considering the price and space requirements.

The Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 motivates you by displaying the strokes completed, duration of exercise, calories burned, and total strokes. You can fold the arms and store them conveniently. There are thick pads on the seats that make them comfortable. It offers a firm hold with padded hand grips. You can assemble this machine within a short time.


  • Easy to store.
  • Very affordable price.
  • The strong steel frame makes it durable.
  • Padded seats with ball bearings make movement smooth.
  • Full motion arms mimic exact movements of rowing a boat.


  • Short parts warranty of only ninety days.
  • Foot straps are not secure to keep feet firm.

8. Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

Users weighing up to 220 pounds can comfortably use the Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine. Hard plastic covers the internal and other parts of the machine. The black anti-corrosion paint protects it from rust. The seat of the machine is quite large and padded to give the user maximum comfort. The rails are long enough for most people.

There will be no strain on your ankle as the footrests can pivot. You can adjust the pedals even when you are working out. Straps on the footrests help to stabilize you when working out. The magnetic system that provides tension has eight steps to adjust the resistance. A nylon strap for attaching the handle helps to reduce noise.

The console helps you read time, strokes per minute, calories burned, and total strokes. You cannot measure your heart rate in this rower, and there are no preset programs in this machine. Batteries power the console. You can fold the machine for easy storage. There are transport wheels to move the equipment, and you can assemble the rower within 30 minutes.


  • The machine works smoothly and quietly.
  • The console helps to track your performance.
  • Complete steel frame supports 220 lbs weight.
  • You can fold and store the machine conveniently.
  • Large footrests and foam-covered handles give comfort.


  • You cannot track your heart rate.
  • There are no preset programs in the machine.

9. ShareVgo SRM1000 Smart Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

The ShareVgo SRM1000 features a steel frame that is strong enough to support people weighing up to 300 pounds. Corrosion-resistant paint covers the steel parts for better durability. This rower with a sliding seat has the length to accommodate users of around 6’5”. The ribbed and contoured seat add to the comfort of the user. Rubber-layered wheels ensure silent operation.

Magnetic resistance provides the necessary tension to the movement. You can adjust the resistance to 8 levels using a knob on top of the machine’s front portion. The thermoplastic footrests are durable and can hold athletic footwear. Heel guards and adjustable straps keep your feet secure. The handles with short straight bars have foam grips for a comfortable hold.

The display is basic, and there are no preset programs for you to follow. But the Bluetooth connectivity offered by the ShareVgo SRM1000 helps to sync your exercise details using the ShareVgo Fitness app. You can know the calories burned, set workout goals, view history, and keep track of your progress.


  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Easy to assemble and needs less maintenance.
  • Can set fitness goals using ShareVgo Fitness App.
  • Long rails enable tall users to exercise comfortably.
  • Sturdy frame that can carry people up to 300 pounds.


  • No backlight for console.
  • No direct pulse reading function.

10. Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

The best rowing machine under 300 for people up to 264 pounds, Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine offers excellent workout opportunities. You can sit on the equipment comfortably backed by the end-caps, which are adjustable. You can use it even on slightly uneven surfaces without fear of tilting. The machine has firm rowing hands and quality straps for better durability.

The resistance in this machine comes from a flywheel with a magnet that can alter the difficulty levels. A user can work out at eight resistance levels using a dial to choose between them. Three wheels fitted to the comfortable seats make movement smooth and silent. A cover over the wheel assembly provides safety when working out.

The battery-powered meter helps you keep track of your exercise. It also has an additional feature where you can set countdown values for time, strokes, and calories burned, which will help to work with a fixed goal. You will need hardly 30 minutes to set up the machine for use. An instruction manual gives a detailed description of the setting up process.


  • Easy assembling and setting up.
  • The sturdy frame can carry up to 264 lbs.
  • The meter helps you set goals for the workout.
  • 8-level resistance allows changing difficulty levels.
  • Ergonomic seats and wheels provide a smooth experience.


  • The monitor could be better.
  • No provision for measuring heart rate.

Buying Guide For Best Rowing Machine Under 300

Rowing machines are one of the best ways to keep you fit and active. They offer work out for your whole body. However, considering the number of models and brands available, selecting the one most suitable for you is difficult.

We have selected some of the best machines for you. However, it is still wise to know what you must look for in a rowing machine. We have tried to put together some key aspects you must think about before buying the equipment.


The resistance in a rowing machine is what makes using it effective. There are four types of resistance in rowers – magnetic, air, hydraulic, and water. All these types have their unique benefits.

The most common resistance type in home rowing machines in the price range we consider is the magnetic type. They are quiet, smooth, and allow a smooth rowing motion. We commonly find those with air resistance in gyms.

Machines with hydraulic resistance are more affordable. Water resistance offers the most natural rowing action, though this is now available in other machines with free motion arms.


When you are looking to buy the best rowing machine under 300, you must remember that rowers are longer than other exercise machines. You must consider the space you have for working out when you buy the equipment.

It is best to take the measurements when you go to buy the machine. Your arms will also need space for comfortable movement during the exercise. Storage is another thing you must consider. If there is a constraint for space, you must buy a foldable rower which will occupy less space.

Exercise Goals

Everyone will have a goal of working out. Some may want to develop muscles, while others may work out only to lose weight. If there are many people at home with different objectives, you must carefully choose your rowing machine.

Those with hydraulic resistance are good for someone who wants to tone their muscles and make them bulkier. They offer multiple levels of difficulty. Any rower will suffice for a person looking to lose weight.

Those machines with preset programs help you set fitness goals. Besides, you can look at the machine’s weight range and see if it fits the weight of those who use it.

Other Features

Looking for an advanced monitor may not be very important. You must consider other features that will help you exercise comfortably. The seats are crucial for comfort. Look at how well padded they are.

You must consider the height of the seat if you are a tall person. The handles must have non-slip grips to ensure a firm grip. Look for ribbed and contoured seats for secure and comfortable seating.

You must preferably buy a machine with foot plates that pivot, and this is essential for avoiding stress to your knees and ankles while working out. It is necessary to check the ease with which you can fold and move the machine for storage.

Rowing Machine Under 300 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How Long Can You Work on the Rowing Machine

The length of your workout on the rowing machine will depend on your fitness and health conditions. Not everyone has the same strength to row continuously. There may be people who have undergone surgeries or suffered injuries. The time will also depend on what fitness goals you have set for yourself.

For an average healthy person, a 20-minute steady exercise per day is good initially. You can increase the duration by five minutes per week from the second week onwards. If you suffer from some back injury, it is better to do 500 meters in 5 minutes and then repeat after a break.

Does Rowing Affect Your Back in Any Way?

Rowing doesn’t affect your back in any way if you have been regularly exercising and keeping yourself fit. You must also use the correct rowing technique. The best way is to open up your chest when rowing.

However, you must align your shoulders with your chest. It is necessary to engage your core when you move forward and backward thoroughly. We see that people with weak abdominals tend to bend their backs to compensate for it, which is not good. Rowing properly strengthens your core, which is good for your back.

What Muscles Does Rowing Target?

Rowing is a workout for the entire body, and it affects many muscles when you row using the proper technique. There are unique benefits to quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes maximus, which means that rowing benefits the front and back of your thighs.

It also targets the back of your hips and butts. You can strengthen your core and abdominals by rowing. Rowing also helps to make your muscles between the shoulder blades stronger. The rowing action helps to make your triceps and anterior deltoids stronger.

Which is the Quietest Rowing Machine?

This is an essential factor when working out at home where others are engaged in various other activities. It is also crucial to consider this if you want to watch TV while exercising. The primary source of noise is the movement of the seats while you work out.

The noise level will depend on the speed and intensity with which you row. Lubricating the seats will help to reduce noise. Some machines have padding on the wheels to reduce noise. Magnetic resistance works most quietly.

Is Rowing Safe During Pregnancy?

If you have been rowing regularly, then it is safe to continue the exercise. You must consult your doctor on this matter. For those who have never done this workout, it is not advisable to start now. You may have to lower the foot pedals to reduce the pressure on your abdominals and tummy area.

You must keep your back straight when performing the rowing strokes. Your legs should be slightly more open when you move forward, as this will give more space to the baby. You can row up to the 7th month.

Final Thought

We have analyzed ten rowing machines and their features to help you buy the best rowing machine under 300. We are sure that the rowing machines mentioned in this post will satisfy most people’s fitness goals.

Once you have set your fitness goals, you can know which machine will be the most suitable for you by checking our buying guide. Understanding each feature’s importance will help you choose the rowing machine that will suit you the most. The most important factors to consider are your exercise goals, comfort, and budget.

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